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Posted on: October 16, 2009

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Ingredients :
Chicken – 2 pcs boneless chicken thigh, cut into medium large cube
Shiitake Mushroom – half pk
Chinese Sausages – 3, farmer-styled
Marinate chicken with ingredients below. I always use a ziplock bag to minimize cleaning. 😜
Spring onion – 2 stalks, chopped
Garlic – 2 table spoon, chopped
Dark sauce – 2 tablespoon
Rice wine – 2 tablespoons
Sesame oil – 2 teaspoons
All spices powder – 1 teaspoon

Steps :
1. Marinate chicken cubes for at least 30mins.
2. Stir fried the chicken cubes and chinese sausages, followed by shiitake mushroom for 5 – 10 mins, medium high heat.
3. Wash and rinse 2 cups of rice.
4. Turn off the heat and place the half cooked chicken, sausages and mushrooms on the rice.
5. Add water/leftover marinated sauce into the rice pot, make sure the level is over the rice and half covering the ingredients.
6. Cook the rice.

I’m using Tefal rice cooker, so I use expert mode. To have the charred rice at the bottom aka 锅巴, do not stir/mix them after the rice is cooked completely, press reheat instead. At this point, you may also taste a bit and if you wanna add dark sauce, make sure you add little water to have it more diluted before pouring, ratio 1:2

Sometimes, I choose to “re-cook” instead of reheat, especially when I think I have added too much water.

Remember to sprinkle spring onion and prepare chili padi in dark sauce before serving. Happy Cooking !

Basically just marinate the boneless chicken with anything you have/like and stir fried before putting all into the rice pot. An upcoming step by step post on how to cook chinese sausage with mushroom and chicken rice is almost ready. Stay tune.

Regretted for getting a lambskin woc 2 years back, I heart it so much and couldn’t bear to sell it. Then, I got a caviar seasonal flap at a good price as Kat lugged it back from Paris for me. Since then, I told myself not to buy lambskin flap/woc/wallet anymore.

3 months ago, I got myself a caviar Jumbo but it was too big for my size, sold it within a month to a very nice reseller. Now, I want a caviar medium large, I think I am crazy but someone is crazier than me, he should stop me instead of playing along. Anyway, here is my new wallet on chain. Love at first sight? Actually no, I want it because it is roomier than my classic woc. *oh please don’t increase the price again, otherwise, I will only have a mini or a vintage*


Boring ! Did it because dislike bare finger nails, walked in without any designs in mind, left with the usual red and I didn’t even bother to check the brand or colour code.

- We don’t use water heater
- We have not turned on the aircon since the day we moved in
- I have not used the newly bought slow cooker
- No electrical kettle, only whistle kettle
- No microwave, no overnight food needed to be reheated
- No pressing of clothes so far as we do not have any electrical iron
- Switch off everything before leaving the house or after used, except the tv and router
- no wastage of water, Asher uses cup for rising mouth

Asher learns a lot on recycling and reusing materials, no wasting of electricity and water. Ben goes to work by bus and drives us out over the weekends. I’m glad we are all doing our best to go green. See, our PUB bills for the past 4 months.
Are you doing your part?


But the sleeping part is still… Sometimes he knows, sometimes he doesn’t. If he sees my sharing/posting online at odd hour, okay, in the middle of the night, he knows I didn’t sleep well. I was bothered, I think I was, but I’m not now. There were a few times I just wanted to get up and start cleaning the house, when this happened, I knew I needed to de-stress. Yeah, it’s the regular neck, shoulders and back massage I’m talking about, although occasionally I do feel dizzy when the masseur applies pressure on some points at my lower back, at least I get better sleep that night.

(He said I should nap, I hardly nap, that is why I look so tired and hagged. 😣)

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