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Ice-Cream @ Daily Scoop

nice shot by Asher! Daily Scoop has been our monthly hideout for ice-cream treat, the choices of flavors are good and there are always a few new flavors onboard. It is no doubt when you mentioned about Inexpensive homemade ice cream, most people will recommend Daily Scoop, and my favourite is DURIAN on waffle, or Mocha on waffle. As for Asher, he will ask to taste a few flavors before ordering and always ask for the same thing, which is Mango Sorbet, not because he likes mango or sorbet, it’s because he likes yellow. 😒

Nice family shots taken on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes I am such a “pita”, why Daily Scoop on Vday? Who doesn’t want to have a romantic night out? I want too of course but with the cute lightbulb? Forget it, so long the little one is happy, the old man shouldn’t fault me for being “too family” minded.  

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Back to the Pool

Not him but me. If I remember correctly, August ’14 was the last time I dipped into the pool, then admitted to nuh for an 🔪operation, recuperated💆, fully recovery, holidays ✈️ and totally forgotten about the pool until early this year. Still I did not go swimming as I was trying to avoid the cold pool, yes, it can be really cold ❄️that heater is not needed for showering after that. 🔫 (so many excuses)

So, what’s bring me back? 

  • Girls start whining when they couldn’t fit into the clothes 👗they like. I’m one of them.
  • Moreover, the weather these days, it’s either ⛅️wet and warm or ☀️hot and warm, I am literally sweating the moment I turn off the tap🚿, what can be better than dipping and swimming🏊? 
  • I just have my hair trimmed💇, about 3/4 inches, no treatment done, so this is the best time for me to swim without any worries. 👌
  • Asher has started full day care, I’m available from 9am-5pm daily. I am SERIOUS. (Ask me out🙋 if you wanna buy me lunch.)

I’m grateful to have a soulmate who is all supportive when I need some moment for myself, be it shopping or exercising.  

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Roasted Chicken Hong Kong Noodles

Sauce for roasted chicken noodles

– oyster sauce
– dark sauce
– soya sauce
– roasted garlic (cook chopped garlic)
– pinch of pepper
– roasted chicken oil
– chili oil from Sheng kee
– spring onion, chopped

If you wanna cook noodles like this at home, try Fortune Hong Kong Noodles, you won’t regret. The noodles are not dry and hard like other brand, easily handle and cook, I am so hooked on cooking these at home, from draining the noodles to mixing with the sauce, I feel so much like a hawker hoping I have non-stop orders from customers. 😂

Just in case you’re wondering, I roasted a whole chicken just for this. 

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Homemade Meatballs

 It was all because of the going-to-be-expired breadcrumbs that forcing me to try out meatballs at home. Breadcrumbs, beside using them as coat for deep frying, I really couldn’t think of anything. Maybe use it as stuffing? Anyway, Ben was never a big fan when I steam the meatballs, so I fried them instead. Not bad, quite nice and the taste was unique, I remember he took 4 of them and gave me 2 👍! 

Side note: no special recipe, just the usual seasoning and seasoned for at least 4 hours. 

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Poor Rt Little Toe

 It was about 9am, I was busy packing stuff and daddy was busy grooming himself, we were about to leave the house and this ever ready boy was too bored to wait around decided to play with his bike. I saw him playing, I didn’t stop him, well, why trouble trouble when trouble didn’t trouble you? I was so wrong, before I knew it, it fell on his toe and that was it! Blood stained the floor and he gripped his injured toe.We spent another 30 minutes at home as I need to do a simple dressing. Guess he was too comfy with the gauze, he started hopping and running with the dressing after that.   You bet, I got him to write down the incident in a few words and he obliged. 😂 I was quiet surprise when he used “wounded toe” in his sentence, he also asked me a lot of questions on wound healing process and I explained to him in simple words, then allowed him to watch video re: wound healing process on YouTube.(youtube is the best! )

Not sure if it is the essential oil or kids just heal faster than adults, his wounded toe recovered in 5 days! 


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