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Posted on: October 16, 2009

Weight almost as same as 8 years ago, once again, I manage to squeeze myself into this beautiful gown from Dang. Time flies, today is Good Friday, it’s our 8th wedding anniversary and 12th years being together. I’m posting this entry from the gym while he is at his standing desk, preparing his presentation for upcoming week. No, I’m not complaining, he knows I am supportive when comes to this. I know he wants to do many things today together with us. If he can finish his slides by today, at least we have another 2 more days to spend together before the weekend ends.

Happy 8th Anniversary, hub! I’m glad you like the present. With love, your supportive wife.


D : honey, I’ll be cooking simple dish tonight.
B : it’s okay, I’m fine with anything. You can cook if you’re free, if not, it’s okay. We can always eat out.

OMG ! What kind of husband is he? 😂I’m a housewife, he said I can choose not to cook if I’m busy. Like what? Still stuck in the massage room, H&M Or Toast Box? When I reminded him not to pamper me so much, his reply? “Not enough”

D : B, can I have a sling bag?
B : anything you want.
D : thank you! It’s not very expensive. Just $5k.
B : okay, that’s not a lot.
D : 😳

*slap forehead* The sling bag I’m getting is no where near that amount but now I’m thinking if I can get another one to make up to that. LoL !

This is something that really cheer me up. He thanks me more than before, I feel appreciated.

Yeah, and hubby said if every wife is like me ( the current me ), then the divorce rate will be lowered. I gave him a look, he then said,” look at you, cooking healthy delicious breakfast for husband in lingerie.”

I laughed out loud and told him this is 情妇的料!(qualified of mistress)

Honestly, I’m really thankful to have him, he is a keeper. (For me only)

Hey, I had 6.5pc of sushi !!! (If I’m not mistaken) I’m so proud of myself and I’m writing a short entry today.

Last week, my mom gave me a piece of her mind when she saw me and my latest profile photo at Facebook. 2 weeks ago I was wearing size 4 and now, I guess I look slightly smaller. She wants me to eat, Ben has been nagging for the past 4 days (but I did eat!) so yeah, this entry is dedicated for my mom and my hubby. 😜

(Photo above was taken directly from Chanel website)
Last month, I dropped my favourite sunnies C5177 at Westgate. 😭 I got so used to it that I took Ben’s Oakley out during the day when he was not around. After weeks of searching, I finally found this truly elegant cc twist lock design sunnies! colour code : 1208/3c (Black Frame Grey Gradient), I just can’t believe I manage to get a new set at fraction of retail price. This beauty is on the way to me now, I just can’t wait to say hello!






My darling said because my skin is fair hence it is obvious and visible whenever there is a bruise. Maybe yes, you can easily spot bruises on my body, at any time. A new one comes even before the old one fade. How sad. I was told to check my platelets once when my ex colleague saw my face full of petechiae, the fine blood vessels underneath my skin burst due to vomiting.

Today, countless of big and small bruises spotted all over my body. No, no one assaulted me, I just came back from a painful massage. It was bearable at first, then it hurt me so much that I had to tell her to stop pressing and rubbing so hard. Oh man, I’m still alive. My darling always ask me why did I pay so much to torture myself? Okay, I’m writing this post to remind myself, do not continue after I finish this package. (Oh no, I bought 2 packages!)


Posted on: March 31, 2014

So was I.

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