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The SAHM got a JOB !!

Everyone knows SAHMs have to work 24/7 but with (almost) zero income. To be honest, I hardly felt that as the income comes straight into the bank account which I have all access to it. I can draw as much as I want and I can spend as much as I wish, however, I spend money wisely, sometimes I even find myself thrifty. So, I do not consider myself as a SAHM with no income, no spending power, need to ask for money from husband. But, do I still want to receive paychecks (other than from husband)?


Last week, I was told that I was the right candidate for a job, which requires one to work for 3 hours a day, 3 days in a week. I was quite reluctant to say yes at first, knowing that I could not travel far. The next thing I knew, it was only 15-20mins walk from my place. OMG, is this for real? If yes, then it is too good to be missed! I usually spend the good few hours hanging out at Toast Box for my tea, shopping and sometimes, doing absolutely nothing at home, if I take up the job, I still have 2 hours for myself, I only need to work 3 times weekly and still get paid. Come to think about it, there is no reason for me to reject. I can’t share much of the JD, I just know it will be quite fun. 😄

I am feeling all so thankful. I’d never thought that I could find a job like this. (Is it the brow thingy that brought little fortune?)

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Lucky Me – Tsubaki Hair Resolutions

With more than 100 entries, I’m just really lucky to be selected to be one of the 10 lucky winners. However, my entry was genuine, I’ve tried a few brands of shampoo (Diane, Tresemme, Tsubaki) last year and Tsubaki was indeed better than what I’ve expected. I was using another range and I can’t wait to try out this range. It gotta be good, really, I saw some popular products displayed during the transit at Narita Airport and Tsubaki shampoo was one of those!

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不修边幅! 一副这样的丑相,竟然走出门啊!忙呀忙着,连圈起的头发都变得凌乱,你以为我竖起马尾?才不是呢!更槽糕的是那个。。。那个刘海贴!!我的妈呀!还帮孩子背书包,我这个娘,真是慈母多败儿!手上提的还有一些练习簿, 是每天用等校车的时间, 和孩子一起阅读和练习的。

是多亏了这面镜子,看到自己这副相! 我真的要自我反省了!

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First Haircut of The Year

I previously blogged about FaSS Salon @ Jem, it is now QB House Premium. Except for the name, the decor and hairdressers are still the same. Glad that our boy is no longer fussing over hair cutting, I don’t have to turn on the Youtube on my phone for him to stay still. As for this young hairdresser, I give him 👍👍👍 for his patience, he is always gentle to my boy and soft spoken, non-chatty (oh yes, don’t talk too much) and professional.
As for his skill, look at Asher now, good looking huh? 😊

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Drips @ Seng Poh Road

It was because I needed to meet D at Jervois Close in the late evening, Ben drove us all the way to the nearby hood to have dinner. Oh my, I sounded demanding. 😉 but Ben is just like my late father, who didn’t mind ferry me around, the only thing is Ben doesn’t enjoy driving while the latter loved it so much.

As a tea lover, I really do not know how to appreciate artisan coffee but we all know this is the trend now, everyone goes on cafe hopping, trying out all cafes located island wide. I personally find it unnecessary to spend $8 over a piece of cake or pie, to enjoy life, a cup of Teh at 90 cents is enough for me. 😉

Of course I’ll still continue to “check-in” cafe as Ben loves cappuccino and he likes the ambiance. (Actually he check-in my toast box more than cafe as he knows I love their Teh.)

Add: 82 Tiong Poh Road, #01-05, S(160082)
Tel: 6222 0400


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