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Let’s Catch up @ Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill

It’s all about having the Wild West American food with the happiest couple!  Not only happiest, they are also the busiest couple. We really had a hard time finding time to meet up as our dear friends are frequent flyers. Moreover, we were Ben was so busy over the past 2 months with his makers stuff. Can you imaging, the local delicacies I bought especially for them from Penang have expired even before we set the meet up date!!!!! My bad my bad. I certainly hope I can have more time for family and friends.    
Now I look forward to our next meet up, oh my, it is going to be another crazy funny night with all yummy food, laughters with another 2 more funniest couples. My dear Asher better be well enough to dunk into the pool with his buddy Aden. 

Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill
7 Portsdown Road, Singapore 139298
Email Us:
Telephone: 64733244


Chinese Cupping

For the first time in my life, I went for moving/gliding cupping. Honestly, it was not as painful as it claimed, maybe I was already aching all over. I first asked for tuina, my stiff shoulders and lower backache were so painful and the masseur then suggested cupping. I first thought it was going to be stationary cupping but it turned out to be moving cupping. I was glad I didn’t say no as it indeed covered a larger area more quickly than stationary cupping and I felt better, almost instantly. With the plastic cup method, the masseur uses a pump on top of the cup to suck out the air and create a partial vacuum effect. I was quite impressed with the result, my feet no longer swollen too. I would say cupping is good for relieving tension and I wouldn’t mind the bruises.


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Hari Raya Visiting


Received an invitation to makcik’s house again for this year. Asher was not so into the festive, partly because I didn’t share much with him, however, he knew what is ketupat and told me he learnt how to make them in school. How I wish I have all the time to tell him more about festivals in Singapore. It is very important for our kids to know this from young as we are staying in a multi racial country and we must respect each other religious. I hope Asher grows up having not only Chinese friends, but Indian, Malay  and other national friends too. Racial Harmony Day is around the corner, I must take the opportunity to tell him the reasons behind this occasion and the importance of it. 

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Movie Date


credit : instagram of kate.hjs

He was busy, so busy but he made time for us. 

So glad to have watched another movie during off peak with him over a weekday, it was just 2 of us, we didn’t even know what to watch, I then asked the crew and we picked Terminater Genesis. “Quite lame” but it was all right, liked the new Sarah Connor. 

Loving every moments together, loving it even more when people thought we are still courting couples. He, makes time for us and as for me, doll up for every date. It is an effort and it has to come from both of us. Married couples must not stop falling in ❤️ with one another over and over again through the years, I am still very excited, looking forward to see him every evenings. 

Thinking of how blessed I am to have someone loving my deeply, giving me all his support in everything I do, that includes my indulgent purchases all the time, my cooking, my decisions. I couldn’t ask for more. 

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Lucky Me – Neuroscholars P1 Math Readiness Programme

Is he ready? Honestly, I don’t know. That was the reason why I took part in the giveaway/lucky draw, hoping I can win a slot for Asher and see how ready he is to tackle the challenges in Primary 1 Math. Sounds too early, huh?

Anyway, I look forward to the 2 Days workshop by Neuroscholars, which has designed 2 lesson programme for K2 high ability children on 2 main building blocks of the Primary Math curriculum, Logical Reasoning and Model Drawing.  Not one but few people I know told me the reason of him being so “difficult” in class is because he is bored, he is smart, I don’t want to guess, I asked him before and he told me he prefers to do the things he likes and very well aware that most people do not like and cannot accept the way he is in class. How can a disruptive child constantly disrupt the class but not fall far behind his peers? He is still on par but the disruptiveness(singing & talking) is driving the teachers mad as they know other children will be affected. So, learning in classroom becomes something really boring to him, in short, he is not stimulated effectively or enough to stay focus. But can I tell the teachers? That she might want to change her way a little in class to be able to “catch his attention”, it is always better to catch his than letting him catch yours.

Oh well, anyway, that’s not the main reason why I send him to preschool, so I am not going to ask anyone to change anything, I can only pre-empt the teacher, which I did, inside out, upside down and I gave solution to every “meltdowns” and “tantrums”.

For those who know us, I do not send A to enrichment classes except following up his Chinese lesson with his ex preschool teacher. So, yes, daddy and I are the one who taught him at home, of course I’ve tried teaching model drawing using CACSO, after someone shared about the book on Facebook. Trust me I almost sell it away after our first lesson, holding it back because A wrote his big name on it, to prevent me from selling his book. So, yes, sometimes we just have to leave it(teaching) to the experts! I really (REALLY) hope he will learn to accept the solution.


Draw boxes? He drew boxes. *LMAO* He simple refused to “follow the rules” and asked me why must he draw the boxes when he have the solution.

I am not sure if I will continue sending him to the centre after the workshop, so far, he has never really “like” any schools because of “scolding”. (okay, I can’t and I’ve never tell him it is the school fault that he gets scolding, I always make sure he understands why he gets scolding and he has to change those inappropriate behaviour without hurting his feeling. To prevent more aftermath problems, I replace the word scolding with reminding. Gosh, he is this difficult! ) But again, how passionate are teacher these days?  my words to all teachers, some kids may turn you into a monster or bring out the worst in you but the remarkably rare one will bring out the most of everything in you, including the best! Be Patience!

So, for those who have a currently in Kindergarten 2, going Primary 1 next year child, instead of enrolling the complete 24 lessons of “Primary 1 Math Readiness Programme” by Neuroscholars, you may want to consider signing up for their 2 days workshop and let the child master the concept behind 2 of the most challenging math topics for a fee of $100.
Programme Fee includes:
2 Lessons, 1.5 hours each
Assessment of Student Readiness over 10 Key Math Topics
Personalised Student Readiness Report
Parent Feedback Session
A Set of Neuroscholars Math Tools

P/S: really, I am not sure this may help or if this is going to create more problems. *mixed feeling*


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