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Simple Pasta for Dinner

 There were days when I was so lazy that I just cooked whatever I had in the fridge. Lately, I was so troubled that I only cooked whenever I felt like it. Ben was sweet, he was forever supportive and told me to rest whenever I wanted to. Food? We could always go for take-out but I was still trying, trying to cook because on some days, cooking can be therapeutic to me.

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Laughing Night @ Botannia 

It was a planned BBQ night with the laughing team.  We were so totally looking forward to the day, it has been a while since we last met.   Love the food, love the ambience, love the buddies, love seeing the kids playing together and love hanging out with everyone of them. 

And our star of the night was one who blew the candles and celebrated his birthday with us. Blessed Birthday to you, P!

The kids were thrilled with their bubble swords (thank you, C! Brilliant idea!)and enjoyed the pool while the adults in charge of barbecuing and eating( Thanks to those macho E & P). There were so much food and I was thankful to see my almond jelly ! I don’t really fancy this dessert but not when it is prepared by the Tan family. Thank You!! Good friends are hard to come back, we are truly blessed to know more than 1. Lastly, thanks J, N and K for organizing!!! Oh gosh, we just walked over to eat, how terrible!! Hahahaha!!!


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Sambal Cili Telur Dengan Ikan Bilis

Something like this on the dining table will cause carbo overload during dinner. 😁 however, I had only few spoonful of them because I had very late lunch and Ben tried not to have second serving because he came home too late. Was it delicious? Honestly, I’ve never feel so proud of myself, I told Ben I’m going to bring some to my mom and let her try. I think she has never tasted Sambal Cili Telur because she doesn’t take Malay food, but I’m going to change her mind. 


Lucky Me – Uncle Ringo SG50 Carnival @ Golden Jubilee

I was one of the 10 Lucky Winner for Uncle Ringo Tickets Giveaway!!

I have won myself, or rather, won Asher & Brycen a Carnival ticket worth SGD60 for this year Carnival @ Golden Jubilee! It was just so unusual for us to go such crowded places, see what parents did for the kids. 😁 the queues were long, the night was warm, the crowd was a little unbearable but the kids had a wonderful night out despite minor hiccups. 

Thank you for the tickets!  Hope to win more things for this month. ✌🏻️

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Teachers’ Day Gifts – Himalaya Pink Salt Foot Soak

Again, some easy peasy DIY gifts for our dearest teachers. Easy to make but it doesn’t mean we anyhow do it. These were done with lots of love, I lugged all these back from town on my own, when I snapped a shot of my loots, together with these maison trays and containers, daddy immediately offered to send me home, told me to leave them at the store for collection on other day.

I overestimated myself, I turned away his offer and I could barely move after reaching home. I was glad I made that choices, I knew our weekends were packed (my lousy planning skill) and I knew it was impossible for me to spend our weekends on these. How I wish I could “share the scent”, the smell was heavy! I hope the teachers will love this foot soak.

Why were we did this? Really, they are the most patience teachers who are willing to work so closely with me ever! Besides this, we also made a canvas art for the school. A small one but it was 80% done by Asher.

I am crossing my fingers, hoping we will meet some kind and nice teachers when we go P1 next year. 

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Sambal Petai 叁巴臭豆

This is my first time cooking Sambal Petai at home.

Ben and I love this dish and few weeks back, he ordered it for me at a hawker centre, I was shocked when I found out the price. For the same amount, I would be able to have it at home for at least 5/6 times! This explained why I started cooking this dish at home. 💪💪

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BBQ Night @ Northvale 

Honestly, I don’t remember when was the last time I met daddy’s colleagues. We used to meet about 3 times a year, be it a birthday party or just dinner outings. There were simply too many reshuffling over the years, a few of those I know have left the team, some left the company and went overseas. If I were to try harder to think, there wasn’t any outing for the past 4 years or so. 😒 oh well, at least someone did take note when I said we should have a meet up session so we know who are our spouses’ colleagues. 

Just too bad I was sick on that day, however, I was glad I made it to the gathering, to say hello to those I have never met, and to catch up with some. *oh yes, Ben is married and his Facebook account is real.*




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