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Beef Rendang @ 1983 A Taste of Nanyang

Beef rendang set $5.80 👍👍👍
Not that they serve the best rendang in Singapore but this place is definitely the only one I will go for my rendang fix when Ben is at work. Anyway, I’m glad I found another 3 restaurants/stalls nearby serving Nasi Padang. (oh yes, I love malay spicy food.) Then why do I keep patronizing 1983 @ Cookhouse, Jem? Because when I am craving for rendang, I’m craving for acar acar too. 😋

Cook House by Koufu
50 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 608549
Operating Hours: 8am – 11pm daily (we were there 9am and was told they were not ready until 10am)

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Fish Maw Wongbok Soup

I hardly cook soup at home, so far I only cook herbal chicken soup. Maybe we did feel guilty for pigging out too frequent last week, when I suggested to cook something simple, blend but healthy, Ben nodded.

So here we have a pot of delicious soup. Only 4 ingredients needed and there are:
1. Fish Maw $2.50
2. Minced meat $1.50
3. Wongbok $1
4. Meatballs $2

Meatballs, it looks like I don’t have to add it, well, can’t help it because this soup is usually cooks during CNY and meatball is a must. It’s round in shape, in chinese, it’s 圆 so it represents “complete”, 圆圆满满 and 团圆, just like a meal for Thanksgivings where families come together and feast.

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Let’s make Eggless Tiramisu

10 pcs Italian ladyfinger biscuits
200 ml Nescafé original coffee (can)

Cream Mixture
250 grams mascarpone cheese
1 tbsp vanilla bean paste (not added)
2 tbsp caster sugar
3 tbsp kahlua or Baileys (not added)
2 tbsp thickened cream

Milo Cream Mixture
2 tbsp 3 in 1 milo powder
Half of the cream mixture

I’m just gonna be honest, I skipped this and that so that it is “makeable” and easier for a 5yo, well, with bailey/Kahlua, there is no way he can try it, I’m fine with him tasting coffee though.

Anyway, I was glad it turned out quite well. Daddy brought it out this morning, not sure he wanted it as breakfast dessert or lunch dessert, all I knew was he finished it on his way to work, even before he reached office! 😂 it must be really delicious. 😜

Asher didn’t know how to spread the cream but that didn’t matter, practice made perfect, this was our first time making Tiramisu and definitely not going to be the last time!

See how much he enjoyed making tiramisu and eating the leftover cream mixture. Try this simple recipe at home with your kids, I’m thinking of making “Milomisu” with him next week!

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Rice Cooker Simple Noodles

Ingredients with prices:
Minced meat – $2.7
Fish balls – $1.50
Noodles – $1.40
Spring onion – 50¢
Baby carrot – 40¢

Asher is at home with me today, I decided to cook something really simple so I don’t have to stuck in the kitchen for long. Ingredients are slightly different from my usually fried noodles, I added fish balls, which is what Asher doesn’t eat. I am still thinking should I cook another dish for him.

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Chicken Up @ Tanjong Pagar Road

The Must-Try Signature Dishes:
1. Spicy Up (Original Crispy Chicken)
2. Yangnyum (Korean Sweet & Spicy Sauce)
3. Soya Chicken Wings
4. Andong Chicken Stew
5. Truffle Fries

We tried No. 2 and I must say, those who queued for 2 hours or more are not crazy. Really!!!!! I’ve tried 4F twice and Chicken Up fried chicken is way much better, okay, I shouldn’t compare, one is fast food chain and this is a restaurant run by korean family. You need to try it yourself and you will know why.

Crunchy? 👍👍👍
Juicy? 👍👍👍
Portion? 👍👍👍 if you’re big eater

So now you know why only so few dishes ordered. I need to get my gang here one night to feast!
😭 can anyone tell me why did they stopped taking reservation?

Yangnyum Fried Chicken, 4pc/half $22++ 👍👍👍
Kimchi Fried Rice $6++ 👍👍
Black Noodles Up (with fried chicken) non spicy, $9.90
The only non spicy dish for kid, I can’t order another portion of soya chicken for him as we know we won’t be able to finish, besides, he needs carbo.


Chicken Up Korean Restaurant
Address: 48 Tanjong Pagar Rd, 088469
Tel: 6327 1203
Operation hour: 5:30 pm – 2:00 am


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