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Lucky Me – Tsubaki Hair Resolutions

With more than 100 entries, I’m just really lucky to be selected to be one of the 10 lucky winners. However, my entry was genuine, I’ve tried a few brands of shampoo (Diane, Tresemme, Tsubaki) last year and Tsubaki was indeed better than what I’ve expected. I was using another range and I can’t wait to try out this range. It gotta be good, really, I saw some popular products displayed during the transit at Narita Airport and Tsubaki shampoo was one of those!

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不修边幅! 一副这样的丑相,竟然走出门啊!忙呀忙着,连圈起的头发都变得凌乱,你以为我竖起马尾?才不是呢!更槽糕的是那个。。。那个刘海贴!!我的妈呀!还帮孩子背书包,我这个娘,真是慈母多败儿!手上提的还有一些练习簿, 是每天用等校车的时间, 和孩子一起阅读和练习的。

是多亏了这面镜子,看到自己这副相! 我真的要自我反省了!

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First Haircut of The Year

I previously blogged about FaSS Salon @ Jem, it is now QB House Premium. Except for the name, the decor and hairdressers are still the same. Glad that our boy is no longer fussing over hair cutting, I don’t have to turn on the Youtube on my phone for him to stay still. As for this young hairdresser, I give him 👍👍👍 for his patience, he is always gentle to my boy and soft spoken, non-chatty (oh yes, don’t talk too much) and professional.
As for his skill, look at Asher now, good looking huh? 😊

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Drips @ Seng Poh Road

It was because I needed to meet D at Jervois Close in the late evening, Ben drove us all the way to the nearby hood to have dinner. Oh my, I sounded demanding. 😉 but Ben is just like my late father, who didn’t mind ferry me around, the only thing is Ben doesn’t enjoy driving while the latter loved it so much.

As a tea lover, I really do not know how to appreciate artisan coffee but we all know this is the trend now, everyone goes on cafe hopping, trying out all cafes located island wide. I personally find it unnecessary to spend $8 over a piece of cake or pie, to enjoy life, a cup of Teh at 90 cents is enough for me. 😉

Of course I’ll still continue to “check-in” cafe as Ben loves cappuccino and he likes the ambiance. (Actually he check-in my toast box more than cafe as he knows I love their Teh.)

Add: 82 Tiong Poh Road, #01-05, S(160082)
Tel: 6222 0400

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Long sightedness


Seriously? WTF. I sent him for eye check up because one side seems to be smaller than another, quite obvious actually. Lazy eyes was first came into my mind so imagine my shock when the optometrist said he has slight long sightedness. I do not really know if he was fooling around during the check or if this is real. He has no problem with reading, doing homework. He is able to see distant objects well and no trouble focusing on nearby objects. Telling me he could be suffering from Hyperopia (Long-sightedness or Far-sightedness)? That’s absurd!

I understand that many very young children especially Asians are hyperopic because they have small eyeball, but their hyperopia lesses as their eyeball grows larger with time, some said they will outgrow it as adults with this problem is rare.

Needless to say, Asher is struggling to wear his glasses, he said friends will tease him. Luckily xuemei laoshi is good, she gives him assurance that no one will tease him in school as she will tell the rest of his classmates why he needs to wear glasses. It doesn’t help much when I received calls from teacher that he put the glasses on his head and disrupt the class. Sigh, what to do? I’ll let him wear it and at the mean time, getting appointment to see another specialist for reassessment.

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Caramelized Onion Burgers

Easy Peasy! First time cooking it and I’m sure I will cook this frequently as we are all burger lovers. 🍔

Tips : cook the onion under medium low heat under it turns brown, don’t go away, watch your heat. Use quality cheese instead of usual breakfast cheddar cheese as it melt and can hardly see any cheese.

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First movie of the year – Hobbit

It gotta be hobbit, and this will be the last, not my last movie, I mean no more hobbit please. Thanks to my dearest sis, Asher’s favourite Aunty who will do anything for him, for looking after Asher while we watched our midnight show in town. Ben and I love every moments when there are just 2 of us. 💕 no one would believe we are married with kid.

On the side note, I was lost in Cineleisure! I didn’t know where are the cinemas, we queued at the wrong level for tickets collection, and we didn’t know the cinemas are on level 7&9!! Hilarious, is this what we call generation gap?


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