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Ah Seng Durian

I must be crazy, and Ben was crazier than me as he brought me out for durian right after our early dinner because I was craving for it. To avoid disappointment, he even called to reserve a MSW for me, no joke people, never walk-in without reserving Ah Seng Durian, despite calling in advance, we only managed to “chop” one. And this 2.2kg durian cost him $39.60, the rate was $18/kg. 😭 crazy boh? I’m not a big fan of MSW, will definitely go back and try their D24.
享受幸福❤️,想瘦都难!😂 *blessed,loved*

Blk 20 #01-197 Ghim Moh Market, Ghim Moh, Singapore 270020
Mon – Sun: 13:30 – 19:00
9465 6160 /

Note : they have shifted to the temporary wet market next to Ulu Pandan CC due to renovation. Unit no:01-64. Please call before heading down.

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Hong Choo Catering Part 1

Actually I’m not a fussy eater so when I say it is edible, some may not agree with me but trust me when I say it is awful. 😁 With posts like this, I hope it is useful for those who are considering Hong Choo catering.

Veg 1. – Asher starts to appreciate chinese style stir fried vegetables. Not oily, my favourite.
Veg 2. – Taugua, quite yummy. We don’t usually eat this but now I know how to cook.
Fish – yummy fish, Asher and Ben love it.
Deep fried – Ben’s favourite ngohiang.

Veg 1. – love green leafy vegetables. Not oily.
Veg 2. – taupok. A bit boring but it’s good source of calcium.
Chicken – flavorful, yummy, home cooked style.
Deep fried – Ben’s favourite again.

Veg 1. – bean sprouts is salty and oily but delicious. (Salted preserved veg added)
Veg 2. – fried pork skin. Ben’s favourite. Asher and I did not taste it.
Chicken – too hard to chew, big chunk of chicken parts. 😣
Deep fried – fish cake, Ben’s favourite. Asher and I did not eat this.

Veg 1. – not oily, not over cooked, Asher eats lots of the green leafy.
Veg 2. – steam egg is flavorful, Asher finally gets to eat fresh food.
Chicken – flavorful, not too hard, yummy.
Deep fried – untouched.


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Lucky Me : 4 Golden Village Movie Tickets

It was just a random lucky draw and I decided to send the short SMS to try out my luck, little did I expect I would win anything from FFL. (They have over 45k of fans at their Facebook fan page.)

Lots of hiccups on collecting the tickets at the stated venue, however, I was glad they did service recovery at fast speed. Now I just need to wait for the tickets to be delivered to my residential mailbox.

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Ipoh Anson Chee Cheong Fun @ Changi Road

Been here a few times, really far from our place but still, Ben would drive here when we were craving for Anson CCF. Born and raised in Anson, I think I am qualified to give rating on this.
Taste : 👍 almost the same
Texture : 👌too thin, probably just 50% of the original thickness.
Price : 👎 expensive, because one plate is never enough.
Will we still go? Yes, it’s because I don’t see myself going back to Anson, I’ve not gone back for almost 10 years. 😔

Anson Chee Cheung Fun
324P Changi Road, Singapore 419799
+65 63459689
Mon, Wed to Sun: 7am – 6pm
Closed: Tue


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