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Fried Egg with Minced Meat and Spring Onion.

When I bought the minced meat, my intention was to cook simple pork porridge for Asher but I changed my mind as I wanted plain porridge for myself.

2 spoonful of minced meat
2 eggs
Some spring onion
A teaspoon of oyster sauce

Just mix these 4 things well and cook it under medium heat, flip only once if you want the egg to look nice and fluffy.

Asher loves it and so am I. Our plain porridge lunch has some really typical condiments like fermented tofu腐乳,pork mince with bean paste香菇肉酱,pickled lettuce菜心.

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Oven Baked Fried Chicken

So confusion huh? So, did I fry the chicken?
This is what happen when one is craving for crispy fried chicken but still watching her waistline. Erm, not that I have one, I lost it so ago. Haha..

Using the simplest recipes I couldn’t find in the mart, I finally bake my own fried chicken at home. Weird enough, you can’t find any recipe using the ingredients I used.

Marinate mix
1. Thickened cream (I don’t want to waste money buying mayo/mustard/buttermilk.)
2. Lemon juice (thickened cream is sweet so I have to add this to balance it up. You can skip this if you’re using buttermilk.)
3. Ground pepper powder
4. Garlic, chopped
5. Salt, just sprinkle a little

I marinated 7 pc of skinless chicken thighs for about an hour. I wished I had more time, will try to marinate overnight for next time. Then, all 7 pieces of thighs coated with Progesso’s Italian style bread crumbs which I bought it at CS for $4.95 only. Lastly, place them into the preheat oven and bake at 150°C for 30mins, turn them around and bake for another 20mins.
Oh my, I tell ya, this is a must-try for everyone. Reasons? Too simple to bake, low cost, healthier? Because everyone loves fried chicken but feel fat after eating!!!! Whatever, try it yourself and tell me you’re not addicted to this oven baked super crispy fried chicken. I’m so going to show off my oven baked fried chicken on this Saturday. 😋



Thankful Tuesday

Another thankful Tuesday when my night ended with LMK as supper. I was craving for it when I saw it on FB, someone was sharing how to make it and I told Ben how I wished I could have it as supper. For the first time, he offered to drive out to get it and it was past 10pm! Asher overheard and asked,”daddy, are you saying you’re going to drive out without me?” And daddy answered with a big YES.

He always bring me out whenever I want to but this was the first time he offered and out without me, he told me he stopped by 3 places, including petrol kiosk mart, 7/11 and finally got it at a kopitiam that was almost closing.

What can I say?



Learning Sight Words & High Frequency Words

Cited from Wikipedia :
Sight words account for a large percentage (up to 75%) of the words used in beginning children’s print materials. The advantage for children being able to recognize sight words automatically is that a beginning reader will be able to identify the majority of words in a beginning text before they even attempt to read it; therefore, allowing the child to concentrate on meaning and comprehension as they read without having to stop and decode every single word. Advocates of whole-word instruction believe that being able to recognize a large number of sight words gives students a better start to learning to read.


And then I decided to DIY sight words card based on Scholastic sight words list. Asher is a visual learner, he loves it, plays with the cards all the time and he is very proud of himself when he is able to read short sentences and form simple sentences. At this point, he recognizes about 30-40 sight words and keep telling daddy he wants to follow daddy to work once he can read more. (Ops, that was what daddy promised him) Again, it’s proven to me that I cannot and should not rush when he is not ready. I was a little worried earlier this year, forgotten that I’m having a Oct baby, he is not even 5 yet and I’m expecting him to be able to read like any K1 children. *bad mom* See, now I just need to leave him with these cards, read more books, give more encouragement and his spongy brain just absorb everything that comes.

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Beef Rendang @ 1983 A Taste of Nanyang

Beef rendang set $5.80 👍👍👍
Not that they serve the best rendang in Singapore but this place is definitely the only one I will go for my rendang fix when Ben is at work. Anyway, I’m glad I found another 3 restaurants/stalls nearby serving Nasi Padang. (oh yes, I love malay spicy food.) Then why do I keep patronizing 1983 @ Cookhouse, Jem? Because when I am craving for rendang, I’m craving for acar acar too. 😋

Cook House by Koufu
50 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 608549
Operating Hours: 8am – 11pm daily (we were there 9am and was told they were not ready until 10am)

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Fish Maw Wongbok Soup

I hardly cook soup at home, so far I only cook herbal chicken soup. Maybe we did feel guilty for pigging out too frequent last week, when I suggested to cook something simple, blend but healthy, Ben nodded.

So here we have a pot of delicious soup. Only 4 ingredients needed and there are:
1. Fish Maw $2.50
2. Minced meat $1.50
3. Wongbok $1
4. Meatballs $2

Meatballs, it looks like I don’t have to add it, well, can’t help it because this soup is usually cooks during CNY and meatball is a must. It’s round in shape, in chinese, it’s 圆 so it represents “complete”, 圆圆满满 and 团圆, just like a meal for Thanksgivings where families come together and feast.


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