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大年初二,每个嫁出去的女儿👧都得回娘家拜年。我记得结婚的第二年,我们到年初三才回娘家,我说那次是最后一次,下不为例!家里有儿子的,他娶了老婆就得知道,大年初二回娘家是必然的,如果说要孩子呆久点,只能早点回家,那么有没有替人家想想,早点回家,娘家的团圆饭也少了几个人呢?所以我说:你敬人家一尺,人家敬你一丈。 我们家的宝也是男丁,我也要提醒自己,如果把人家的女儿也当自己的一样,不就家和万事兴?😊


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Movie Date – Taken 3 & Big Hero


What happened to February? Time really flies! Every month I look forward to my movie date with Ben and in February, we watched 2 movies and one of them was Taken 3. Am I the only who thinks that Taken 3 is nothing compare to Taken 2? Nevertheless, it still not that bad after all. 

Another movie date was not only with Ben but Asher. We all love the show so much and Asher could relate so much as we walked around the hood when we visited San Francisco last holiday. The tram and the row of houses, the animation and everything, we think the team who created San Fransokyo were awesome! 

Now we say hello to the month of March, Asher and I can’t wait to watch Cinderella together! March is a special month for our family, 0303 marks 12th years of marriage for my lovely sis and BIL, so happy for them. 😘❤️💕

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There were a few lion dance performances in town and Asher missed them because he was in school. Knowing our dear son loves lion dance performances and he was suppose to perform in school but he didn’t as we had to leave town for reunion dinner with his grandma in Johor, I went online to check for performance timing and wanted to bring Asher along. When I found out there was one near the mall and off we went. So, how was it? 

  • Crowded
  • Too loud as the show was at the atrium and it was very small with low ceiling !
  • Limited space so the show was merely 10mins or maybe lesser
  • No stunt 
  • Chaotic as they threw candies (God knows why adults were so crazy over the candies too.)

Asher was pretty upset, no one was willing to give way for him, he said “excuse me” but no one could hear him. While he was taking photo with the lion head, someone pushed him and he nearly fell. It was really an awful experience and we left with much disappointments.

Back home, our neighbour told us not to miss the lion dance performances at our estate. What! I passed by the notice board almost daily and I missed it! If I knew earlier, I would not waste my time searching and going to a mall with so many people just to watch lion dance. Honestly, the show at our place was a lot better, there were 4 baby lions and they were busy entertaining our children, the God of Fortune and big head doll were around too, distributing sweets, candy and gold coin to the residents. I heard from residents that lion dance performance is a yearly event and I shall keep this in mind, no more going to the crowded malls for this, okay, maybe for Westgate’s, as their lion dance performers do stunts and use high pole. I could tell how much he enjoyed, not only him, the other children as well. 

“Mommy, luckily I woke up in time for the lion dance show, it was awesome!” Said Asher. 

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Telling Time

Just before the month of February, think we’ve done with “Time” topic which includes:

  • Days of the week 
  • Months of the year
  • Telling time by hour
  • Telling time by half past the hour
  • Telling time by quarter past the hour
  • Telling time by quarter to the hour
  • Telling time using hours and minutes 
  • Telling digital time 
  • Am & pm
  • Duration

Not only able to read, he was able to write them down in correct format, I would not say it is easy to teach, he grasped the concept rather fast but definitely more difficult than teaching multiplication.😂 

(We may move on to more difficult level, eg. Addition of Time when he is ready.)

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鱼鳔是新年佳肴不可少的食材,我不会煮 “鱼鳔焖”,只会煮鱼鳔羹。鱼丸一粒粒,圆圆的,代表圆圆满满,也象征团圆。我喜欢把它们加进羹里,多了鲜味也好吃。我说新年要吃清淡点,可是一点都不马虎,要用心煮菜好吃啊。

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On the 6th day of CNY, I baked honey chicken. Photo above was my first time baking chicken using BBQ sauce. My first attempt was very successful and my second attempt was even much better than that! I was overjoyed when it turned out so delicious, Ben and Asher loved it so much and I took a few bites too. (I was not in mood for dinner but the chicken just looked too good to be missed.) 


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