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Not much different from quesadilla, it’s called Sincronizadas for the fact that tortilla and ham were used to make it.

Hah, now you know how easy to make this. Asher loves it so much that he can easily finish one tortilla bread with filling all by himself.

Side note: Mixed feeling, he finally eats the not-so-healthy deli meat. I’m glad he eats them because we will be away, to somewhere where we don’t get to eat chinese food daily. On the other hand, these are preserved, high in sodium and not fresh meat. Oh well…

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Hong Choo Catering Part 2

Almost 20 rounds of dinner from Hong Choo, will we continue?

Nah, not likely. How can I be fooled with no MSG when dishes are cooked with sides contain preservatives? Let’s be honest, I’m very happy to have variety of food every meals and ordering food catering is definitely a healthier choice than eating out at hawker centre/restaurants daily, even back home I saw mommies cooking vegetables with fish cake. Okay, I’m not those who cook fanciful dishes with lots of sides, my vegetables dishes are boring. However, will I or will I not start cooking dinner again? Hmm, I can say I will but likely to be resumed after we come back from our holiday. Yes, we have a year end holiday this year, to be exact, we will fly in a month time. 😱





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本以为他无知无识, 即无忧无虑; 原来仅只愚昧无知, 执迷不悟,无可救药也。我是知者不惑啊, 于我何有哉,唯有看笑话也。

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Breakfast made with â¤ï¸

Double Ham with Egg 🍳and Cheese
Cheesy Egg Thick Toast🍞
It’s true that no matter how much you like the food, you just can’t have it daily. That explains why I stopped preparing breakfast for a long time. However, I’m back in action, will be waking up early to make him lovely breakfast, maybe be a simple wrap or toast for a another few weeks.

I’m clueless on what kind of filling should I add, egg and cheese are little boring. 😝

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Skip Counting by 7

Introduced skip counting by 7 on Friday but he refused to sing along, saying this is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I should not change the lyrics.

I gave up, after all, he has few more years to learn/memorize them. I was just feeling a little bored on the moving bus so I started humming the song. Felt silly? Yeah.

And guess what, he is singing the song happily while waiting for school van few hours ago.

One more to go and we are all set to recite skip counting by 2 to 12.

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PS Skill? No Skill is Needed!

When I saw this new feature, I can’t believe my eyes!
And here I am using the new feature to do some enhancement. Haaa!!😜 to be exact, I made myself look 30% taller, you can tell from the picture I have slimmer thighs too. 😱
I sent the photo to my lovely hubby and the response I got from him was…IMG_2646.PNG
Ha! Of course I know you don’t go for look, I was 72kg when you first held my hand. (what was really on your mind?)

Speaking of which, I saw someone in real today and that person looks so much different from photos. Oh well, some people like to take selfie and only take the “head”, You know those for passport application. So yes, some lucky people just look 2 sizes smaller from photos.😪 (note to self: don’t ever pout for selfie just to look younger when you hit 40.)


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