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East Coast Park

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Chris suggested to bring us to ECP for cycling later in the evening. Do you know when was the last time I went cycling? Okay, it was close to 18 years back. With Eugene, Jackie, Nat, Marg, Uncle Chee and Aunt June…. I still remembered Eugene broke his front tooth~

Okok, that was long long time ago. Today we saw plenty of people barbecuing, cycling, roller blading, walking dogs, jogging… along ECP. When we finally got a car park lot, we went to rent 2 “couple bikes.” Wonder how does it look like? Here you are :

For those we wonder, of cause ours doesn’t have the baby seat.
We cycled for about 1.5 hours, yeah! All the way to Bedok Jetty where most people fishing their “kunning”.

At the same time, we saw sand castles, passed by Singapore First Cable Ski Park and East Coast Lagoon Food Village. Oh no, Food Village!

Sinful Sinful…


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