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Short Trip to M’sia


Nutrigen, run-down domestic bus station and with the national flags all over the building, yeah, when you see these, you know we were in M’sia. Parents, M, ben and I were in Ipoh over the last weekend. It was a planned trip but due to Ben’s super busy schedule, we were only able to “drop by and say hi” to IPOH.

The main reason why we were here.

Ben was from Yuk Choy High before he came to NUS. He was so happy to see his teachers and after 12 years, these teachers still remember his name! I couldn’t even remember some of my secondary school mates’ names. *shame on me* Now Ben is asking for chicken essence as he thought it may help to boost his memory but I told him gingko works better. *that’s what papa Jo said*

Some shots at JB City Sq We tried the Teowchew Mooncake but we didn’t buy. *Cannot make it =(* Oh, that’s my Hello Kitty !

Okay, we arrived at 6 plus in the morning and Ben insisted us to make the same pose!

Uncle Phone came to pick us up and we headed to Ming Court HK DS. Their handmade DS are nice but the portion is really small. We were so hungry that we walloped everything in 30 minutes. Typical old bus we used to board and stores we used to visit when we were young.

Oh…these bring back so much memory…

This is Yuk Choy High at Jelapang

We had supper at the famous Ong Kee Tauge Chicken but the chicken only and service is lousy. We’ll recommend their opposite store -> LOU WONG.

Wah….how can we miss CURRY MEE for breakfast !

So nice.. I love to have breakfast in M’sia..

After breakie, we went to Kek Lok Si. Dad used to bring us here when we were young but it was Ben’s first time here. He was so happy and amazed with the rock structure

Can you see a horse?

A must-buy fruit in Ipoh – Pamelo

Weather was so hot that we all needed ice !

Another must-visit place ->Ipoh Old Town Restaurant. We didn’t go to the old restaurant but tried out at their new and trendy cafeteria. Food was quite good(see pic 4), we finished everything!

Ipoh Domestic Bus Station

Famous Fo Shan Mooncake !

Lastly, Uncle Phone brought us to their new house.

As usual, we bought so much souvenir back to Singapore, mostly food. That explained why my tummy is getting bigger, hahaha.


2 thoughts on “Short Trip to M’sia

  1. Psst… Tell you something, I used to dislike my ex-flatmate girlfriend who is from Ipoh. I find her very self-centered, never bother to care about surrounding people feeling. Always think she's a queen *puke* Nevertheless – I still like Ipoh because of the Hor Fun & Pomelo. I am a sucker for Pomelo. Now so many places in S'pore claim the pomelo they sell is from Ipoh. Until I dare not buy:(

  2. Eh, maybe that’s the way she protects herself… YO!! Ben loves pomelo too. We seldom buy in Singapore because I don’t know how to choose.

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