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To ECP on X’mas !


We were all in red top today, for the joy of Christmas!

We actually planned to go ECP few days back but daddy was not feeling well today. Parents said it is okay to go ahead without them as they wanted to stay at home so off we went to ECP in the late

We parked our bikes at East Coast Lagoon Food Centre for dinner. Sorry for not able to snap any photos, you know, by the time I’ve done Q’ing for Satay Bee Hoon, we were already having candle lite dinner… Just in case you wonder what did we order, here are the list

– 20’s Chicken Satay
– 20’s Mutton Satay
– 2 pcs of satay rice
– 2 plates of Satay Bee Hoon
– 2 plates of Dry Wanton Noodles
– 2 bowls of Beef Soup Noodles
– 10’s Chicken Wings
– 4 Glasses of HORRIBLE water-added Sugar Cane drink

Holy smoke, and you’d think that the dinner was meant for the entire village? Yes, it was, just that in this case the village consists of only five adults and a kido. Hahaha.. We had so much fun today and reached home nearly 10am. After showering Cheryl, my brought out a log cake from the fridge. OMG, it was a black forest mousse cake with super rich chocolate and cream cheese from Shangri-La Hotel.

And last week, we already had their traditional fruit cake.


* please don’t count calories for me*


14 thoughts on “To ECP on X’mas !

  1. I hope your daddy’s feeling well now=) Look like you had a happy ride at ECP.

  2. Thanks Sam. Yeah, we had a great time at ECP. So happy, that day the weather was perfect too.

  3. Agree! Lucky recent weather was good so we can brought my hubby cousin & kids to Sentosa & Zoo on the last 2 days.

  4. Sam, so fun! I have not visit to the Zoo for many years. Only went to Jurong Bird Park in year 2007. Hmm…. maybe we will go more often after we have kid.

  5. Haha… Tell you bring them when they’re 3/4 years old. Cayden still don’t really appreciate. The purpose is to make the trip fruitful.

  6. Yeah…3-4 is the best time to explore more… but hor, all parents cannot wait till then..who knows I may be one of them..

  7. Tell you is worth to wait if not very tiring. Don’t go too early waste your time chasing them.

  8. Haha… My experience from Sentosa & Zoo tells me forget to bring them there so early.

  9. sometimes, is the parent wanna go and have fun too..

  10. Maybe – But I rather wait as it’s all about walking which I am not very keen:p

  11. oh…we like walking…

  12. But my current weight 10kg more + 1 hyper active book. Really don’t feel like walking much as my husband rely a lot on me to take care my boy too.

  13. Yeah. it must be tiring.

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