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Homemade Rice Wine


Our homemade Rice Wine is made of  红麴 and Glutinous Rice
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Of course the first few bottles are specially made for my confinement in 4 months time. How many I put aside for myself, at least 6 bottles!!! Haha, now my siblings already start ordering their “confinement dishes” from mummy, who is going to be my confinement lady. I very mean hor? Hey, my mummy is a good cook and she used to help my aunts and my sister during their confinement months too. No point of me spending $2k hiring a stranger, right? Besides, she is also grandmummy to our wawee, I feel safe …

Okay, we are going to make more rice wine as some of my friends are also ordering from my mummy. Selling at $15 per bottle ( tiger beer bottle size). Girls, homemade rice wine is not only used for confinement dishes or meant for confinement mummy 補補身子, anyone of us can eat/drink it anytime we want. I used to add this whenever I cook sesame ginger chicken, just pour a bit of wine, voila~! I wanna eat now.. 😦


108 thoughts on “Homemade Rice Wine

  1. Can i have a bottle?

  2. di, i also want to order! but how many do i need huh? need to add to all the dishes during confinement ah?

  3. My mum will add this to most of the dishes she cooks for me. not a lot but it depends on you also. I like the smell and taste so I will ask for more.

    My confinement will be different from most people, I don’t have fanciful tonic soups like many mummies. I only drink/eat those my mum knows how to cook.

    I will suggest you to take 4 first then see if you needed more. We will definitely make more than enough, by the time you think you need more, can pass to you.

    Some kiasu mummies bought more than 10 bottles and got problem finishing them. To us, not an issue because everyone at home loves it and mum also cooks wine chicken for the rest of the family.

    My aunts and uncles are love it too esp. my younger cousin brother. 🙂

  4. hi di, i jus checked wif my mum. she said she has just prepared the rice wine for me so i won’t be ordering liao. so sorry…

  5. No problem bren. you’re lucky, your mum also knows how to make.

  6. Di, how to cook sesame ginger chicken? I want to cook for myself. I think I can 2 bottles from you:p I love rice wine, can keep for how long & how to store?

  7. Sam, can store for very long one, dry and no direct sun light area will do.

    ingredient :
    – chicken
    – ginger
    – garlic
    – sesame oil
    – salt and pepper to taste

    u can get chicken thigh. cut into small pieces.
    heat up sesame oil, add ginger and garlic, fried a while.
    add chicken pieces and let it cook for a while
    add wine and let it cook for 1-2 minutes
    if you want the sauce to be thicker then u add 太白粉勾芡。

    Today weather is not too bad, I will cook it at my mum’s place and post the steps.

  8. Yipee!!! I am lucky to see the steps=)

  9. weather is nice, bought a chicken. Now marinate the chicken with some osyter sauce, pepper and soya sauce. confinement cannot use oyster, now can. 🙂

  10. Hi Diana,

    Your mum have ready stock for the homemade rice wine? I giving birth soon this month…. Cannot find outside… Thinking of getting 2 bottles….

  11. Yes Cheryl, emailed you for details.

  12. Thanks… Have reply you via email…. 🙂

  13. Dear GB Diana,

    I would like to know more about homemake米酒 using 红麴,糯米.
    Kindly please give me some advise and how to make a best
    红麴,糯米 米酒.
    While hear your news soonest…Thks…..

  14. Hi vivian, how I wish I can teach you..hhaa, I myself don’t know how to make this, I don’t have the chance to learn from my mum yet because she always do it in the middle of the night or whenever I am not around.

  15. Hi Diana,

    Can i order 1 bottle from you to try out first? How long can a bottle be kept if opened and not opened? Please email me the details, thanks.

  16. Hi

    can i have your contact to place the order.


  17. I’ve just drop you a line at your email.:)

  18. can i have few bottles?

  19. Hi,

    can i get 2 bottles pls. urgently.


  20. Hi, I have not receive any Msg in my mail, pls send again. Thx!

  21. i sent to you a min ago. check your mail.

  22. hi, i need to order a few bottles (ard 5) of rice wine for confinement use, am due in Jun. Can check if the rice wine ur mum makes is the clear type or the red (hong zhao) type?

  23. hello!

    thanks for your interest.

    Our rice wine is the hong zhao type. 🙂

    if you order 5 or above, can deliver to your place if you’re staying in the north.

  24. hi, i like to order few bottles also in the sept 2010 for my confinement. can u email me your contact? thanks.

  25. Replied you.

    Let me know how many bottles and where do you stay, for 5 bottles and above, can send to your place.

  26. Hi, can i use this to cook 黄酒鸡?wanted to try out a recipe, but it mentioned 糯米酒. not too sure if your rice wine is also one of the 糯米酒? paisei, new to cooking 🙂

  27. Yes, is the same wine. You will be happy with the new dish! I just had mine yesterday, heaven!

  28. anyway, khaichin, your name very familiar, are you KIKI’s owner? the shihtzu I rescued 6 years ago? If you are her owner then I will be very happy that you “found” me. How are you and your hubby? You both still staying in Singapore?

  29. sorry to disappoint you but i am not the one you mentioned here 🙂
    hope Kiki’s owner and you will meet up eventually :).

    how do i order the rice wine? errr, can order just 1 bottle?

  30. is ok. 🙂

    Yes, you can take 1 bottle first to try. 🙂 where is your location?

  31. sengkang. can i have your contact through email? 🙂
    then we can discuss where and when to collect and pay 🙂

  32. I just emailed you. 🙂

  33. hi Diana, i like to order few bottles also in the july 2010 for my confinement. How many bottle normally we need? 5? i stay in bishan.. can u email me your contact? thanks.

  34. Hi sophie, emailed you.

  35. Hi Diana

    I would like to have 6 bottles of rice wine for my confinement next year, March.

    Please reply to me on

  36. Hi,

    I am interested to buy the rice wine. Pls email me the details.

  37. J & Joey, replied. 🙂

  38. Hi do u hv stock for this? Cld I get 4 bottles? am due in oct!

  39. Hi I need it urgently. Can I buy 3 bottles from you. If I can get it from you tonight.

  40. Hi tricia, so sorry as I only read your msg now. Where is your location? Let me know the time you want it. You may email me directly. 🙂

  41. Hi Diana, is your mother still making rice wine (for confinement), I wish to buy 6-8 bottles, I am going to deliver in 2-3 weeks time. BTW, I stay at Woodlands. Can u give me a call @ 84547586? Or you may wish to reply me by email. Thanks.

  42. Sorry, we do not have any stock right now. Even start doing now also not in time for your confinement. I’m terribly sorry.

  43. Hi Diana, thanks for the info. Any idea where I can buy the Rice Wine? Thanks.

  44. Go medical hall, some are selling. 🙂

  45. i would like to order a few bottles in dec. how to order?

  46. No stock for Dec. Sorry for late reply, xuen.

  47. Hi Is the RIce wine still available for order?
    May I know how long one can keep the rice wine? how early before EDD should i order the rice wine?

  48. You may order now and collect it about 1 month later. As for how long you can keep it, very long – years but most people finish them within 6 months-1 yr. Some finish all 6 bottles during confinement month.

    It takes at least 1 month to prepare the rice wine, just let me know as early as possible. Will be making my 1st batch tomorrow. So, the collection will be end of next month.

  49. hi, is there stock for the wine now?
    i’m due mid apr.. would like to order. pls email me..thankew!

  50. Hi, is there stock for the rice wine?
    My wife due early Jul, would like to order 2 bottles.
    thank u!

  51. Hi Alan,

    Such a thoughtful husband and dad-to-be, this wine I’d the best for confinement.

    Yes, I will reserve 2 for you.:)

  52. Thank you. How do I collect from you?

  53. Hi,

    Im due in Sept. Would like to get some wine from you. Im staying in Sengkang. Thanks.

  54. Sure ! Leave me your contact number and I’ll get back to you asap.:)

  55. My email is


  56. Sure ! I’ll get back to you as soon as I got back to Singapore

  57. Hi,
    I would like to order 5 bottles for my confinement in early Sep 2011 and I am staying in the north (Sembawang). Please help to advice. Many thanks!

  58. Sure ! Email me your add and contact number. I’ll send to your place on your preferred date ( weekend ?)

  59. Thanks Diana.
    Can you give me your email add so that I can leave my address and contact number to you?

    Weekday nights or weekend will be fine! 🙂

  60. Hi, I like to order 3 bottles urgently. Do you provide delivery? How do I leave my address and contact with you. Thanks.

  61. Hi, i would like to order 4 bottles urgently. Im staying in the west, bt timah and i can be reached on my mobile.Could u kindly get back to me on the availability of the rice wine. Thk u so much!

  62. For your privacy, I’ve removed your number. I just texted you.

  63. Hihi , can i still order Rice WIne from u ? My EDD is on Dec .. Pls kindly email me at .. Thanks alot !

  64. Hi i am interested in getting your home made wine. May i know how early we need to order? And how much. U can email me at

  65. I have dropped you a mail

  66. hi diana, im due in october 2012. wanna get 8bottles from you. can email me where and how much you charging? tq

  67. Hi Doreen, congrats ! Emailed you.

  68. Hi Diana, this is ailing. I would like to order 5 bottles from you. Need in eng of aug 2012. Can you contact mi at xxxxxxx or reply to my email.
    many thanks !!!!

  69. Hi Diana, I would like to order 3 bottles of rice wine. Collection end of Aug. Kindly reply my email for confirmation.

    Many Thanks!

  70. Could you send me ur details?
    I am due in September..
    Thanks.. 😉

  71. Diane, this is ailing when will my order of 5 bottle rice wine ready? I hv just giv birth. Placontact mi at xxxxxxxx

  72. Congrats. Will send to your place on sat

  73. Hi Diane, just want to check with you whether you have ready stock of rice wine for sale? I need it urgently.

    Pls email me.

    Thank you

  74. Hi Diana, is there stock for the rice wine?
    My baby will due next week, would like to order 6 bottles. Where you live, I lived in Yew Tee.
    thank u!

  75. Hi Diana,

    I ordered 5 bottles from you in Apr 2011 and you were so kind to deliver to my place in the west.. the wine was good and my confinement lady was very happy with it.

    Having my second one now and EDD is Feb 2012 (CNY period). Can I order 5 bottles from you? =)

  76. typo.. EDD is Feb 2013. =)

  77. Yes of course ! Congrats again !!! 😀 will take note of your order, beep me again.

    Edd feb 2011, I will suggest you get them at least 4 weeks before EDD. Too many “incidents” for most of my customers and due to high demand, I have zero stock for ready wine.

  78. okie! hmmm, leave me ur hp?
    will hope to collect in jan 2013. =)

  79. thanks!
    will drop you a msg sometime in dec to check on collection yah? =)

  80. hi, Diana!
    i would like to order some rice wine too.
    pls email me the details, thank u so much!

  81. Hi Diana

    Mind email me the rice wine order details too? Thank you so much (:


  82. Hi,

    Can email me more info on the rice wine, keen to order but really dunno when to order and how many btls r needed. Thanks! 🙂

  83. Do u hv ready stock now? Im due in Jul but like to buy 1 bottle now to try out 1st. Do u also sell red yeast paste that can be used to cook hong zao ji mee sua?

  84. Yes I have more than 1 bottle now. Let me know when you wanna collect. Email me and I’ll reply with mobile numbers and address for collection.

    Hong zhao will be given upon request, Foc.

  85. Hello, can you email me the price etc. again to My EDD is end of Oct. Will you be able to provide supplies in time? I think I need about 6 bottles =). Hope to hear from you really soon!

  86. Hi, do you have ready stocks right now? If so, I’d like to buy a bottle to try first before ordering more for my confinement end Mar14… please email me the details .. thanks!

  87. Hi, How much does a bottle cost. Like to try for normal cooking.

  88. Hi, do u have ready stock?
    Do drop mi ur contact 🙂 8606 4746. thanks

  89. Hi I am interested in ordering the rice wine.. Can u pls email me .. Thanks

  90. Hi I interested to order rice wine

  91. Hi.. needed to buy urgently. Please email me asap. Thx.

  92. Hi, I’d like to order and am staying at Khatib. Could you please email me the details? Thanks.

  93. I would like like place order for the wine rice .please contact me. My email

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