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SB equals to …



First of all, let me make myself clear, I do not normally use foul/vulgarity words at my blog but I seriously think I need to because I was fuming and about to burst when I learnt about this. There was a girl who came to Singapore to work no long ago, she was a junior of his. They msn on and off and sometimes, this girl will seek opinion from him about her personal stuff eg. BGR. I understand that a Senior should look after a Junior especially when she is far away from her homeland and sometimes, girls just need guidance and mentally support but looks like things are going a little bit out of control over her side.

Hey girl,

– You do not hint : “WHAT IF I TELL YOU I LIKE YOU” to a married man.
– What are you trying to achieve? To get a MARRIED MAN?

If you really acting innocent like as if you do not know what is SB, try this method

Step 1 : Go to
Step 2 : OFF your SafeSearch
Step 3 : Search for SHAMELESS BITCH

So if you ask me if I trust men? Yup, I still trust men like my father and my husband. I just don’t trust b*tch.


2 thoughts on “SB equals to …

  1. Chill chill… Don’t get agitated. I tell you some young girls are just trying to be slut. If Guys don’t know to put a stop, they will get the message that they might have chance. That’s how the World work now for BGR. Maybe tell Ben to block her or don’t ‘talk’ to her so much.

  2. He thinks it is normal – I more angry after hearing that. GiRls nowadays very cincai
    When I am not angry anymore, I will delete this post.

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