She is a Blo-ga-a-ho-lic

Just a HDB budget Tai Tai who wants to live her life to the fullest

I really hate her


I really hope she does read my blog because I want her to know that the single phone call that made by her at 7pm really spoilt everything!

I have never feel that way for a very long time…

Maybe it is not her fault at all, maybe it is me that ruined everything and I don’t even know a thing until today.

But no matter how successful you are, don’t share with me, bacause to me, you’re a failure in your marriage. So, the world is balance, isn’t it? Now it sounds like I’m telling the whole world that I do not have a great career of my own like you but then again, what will I get in the end?

I really wonder…and no thanks to the lobang, just another scam..


4 thoughts on “I really hate her

  1. Oh my goodness. Di – this is real bad. Your Bee must draw line on this.

  2. draw line, ppl only normal friend what, i become the sensetive one. got lobang then stuck your own head inside loh, why must tell him, I just don’t understand. the one who should draw line is the stupid woman. can’t she just live her own life !?

  3. Like you say. Man are anal too.

    The scary part of modern world is Human regardless Man or Woman. In order to achieve what they want, they’ll do all means to get it.

    Does Ben know you’re not feeling comfortable about this?

  4. yah, he knew it yesterday night

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