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To Buy List – Confinement


I have to say sorry to those who can’t read Chinese because I am so lazy to find the english names for these herbs. Sorry !!!

As requested, I am trying my best to remember what we got for my confinement.

I know there are mummies who bought the ready made tea bags from medical hall, well, again, it is up to individual. My confinement drink? My mum will only cook the red dates with dry longan, which I think is good enough.  Some will cook 红枣, 黑枣, 南枣, 党參, 北芪, 龙眼肉/ 桂圆 to make the confinement drink. 🙂

air pot
I was advised not to get this type for my confinement drink for hygiene reasons. So, I got the antique thermal flask @ only $8.90 each and remember to get a THERMAL MUG as well so you don’t have to gulp down a cup each time you pour out your drink. ( always drink luke warm water during confinement )
antique thermal flask

At only $15 per bottle, I am selling this so anyone of you keen to get it can get it from me. As mum makes this every month for own consumption, she actually makes more for my confinement, so rest assure we are not selling low quality rice wine. (can be drank directly or cooking)No worries if you are Breastfeeding, just drink it right after you’ve BF because your baby next feed will be 2-3 hours apart.


Now comes to HERBS, there are many in the market, buy those you normally eat. There are
– 当归头(angelica root head)
– 红枣(red dates)
– 桂圆(dry longan)
– 杜仲, 四物(chicken soup)
– 八珍(chicken soup)
– 十全(chicken soup)
– 何首乌
– 枸杞(wolf berries)
– 人蔘(Ginseng)
– 冬虫夏草(Cordyceps)
– 黄芪 (add 当归 to cook 乌鸡汤)
– 党参(codonopsis root)
– 北芪
– 淮山
– 泡参(American Ginseng)
– 黑枣(Black Date)

大风艾 ($3/pack) aka 妇女坐月沐浴药袋
It is like a tea bag, some complaining about the smell, some complaining about the colour. As for me, my mum is going to add lemongrass & ginger into the warm water for me to shower.
lemongrass & ginger

Oh yah, my mum also prepare a WATER PAIL & WATER LADLE for me. Besides, you may like to have THERMAL POT to keep your soup steaming hot for at least 8 hours w/o wasting electricity.
thermal pot

I wasn’t intend to get this as I got myself a waterproof sheet from KP but then again, who do I expect to wash my stained panties? As I was told not to touch water if possible, I think I should get a few packs from supermarket. Oh yah, don’t underestimate your butt size, I think I will go for the XXL just in case, ahaha… some mummies will buy one pack and try it in the toilet, if it fits then get extra packs. Don’t get too many packs if you’re KKH patient as disposable panties are provided by hospital and of course, we can take back if there are leftover.

To be placed on your mattress to prevent stain on your bedsheet. I got Pureen Brand from KP. If you’re KKH patient, a pack of 10 disposable sheets are provided and you can bring home the leftover.


24 thoughts on “To Buy List – Confinement

  1. wow..u r so equipped ! guess u would enjoy ur confinement since the weather is quite ok now… when I had mine…the weather is so hot…ha… I nearly die from heat stroke…

  2. haha… now still ok, on and off … my mum said can sleep with air con if can’t take it so i may turn on the air con if I can’t take it.

  3. Very well prepared already. Have u got yourself 苏合丸 and 乌金丸 too?

  4. Hello!!
    Nope, I don’t know what’s this 丸 for and didn’t find out… i hate taking medicine bcos not consistant.

  5. Hi, I am interested to purchase rice wine for myself. Please advise your contact.

  6. Hi desy!!

    You may email me your contact at

    Will reply you thru SMS. 🙂

  7. Hi where do u get the antique thermal flask?

  8. Hi Joan, you can get them at most 五金店 at all neighborhood.

  9. Hi, do u still have the confinement red rice wine to sell? pls contact me at xxxxxxxx.. thank u

  10. Hi Diana will you continue to sell the red wine? I need it only on next year.

  11. Can still order the 米酒? Im due in end Feb. Hope Im not too late

  12. Hi there

    Do you still sell e wine? Thanks

  13. Hi, can I have your number? I’m interested in the confinement rice wine. Thanks.

  14. Hi there, you can text me directly

  15. hi I like to buy 白米酒 heard can cure itchness “hong mo”. let me know where I buy. tksssss.

  16. where can I buy 大风艾 and I am interested to the confinement red rice wine too

  17. Wine, I’m selling
    The one for showering can get from medical hall

  18. Here is my email address :

  19. I would like to purchase the confinement wine. I have emailed you at blogaaholic@gmail but no reply. Please contact me at 9793 1317.

  20. Hi Diana,

    I’m interested in getting the rice wine from you and has dropped you an email. Kindly contact me. Thanks.

  21. Hi.. is ur mum still doing 米酒?

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