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Prenatal Check Up Charges In KKH


Unless someone is going to settle your bills, or else when you just found out that you are pregnant and happily sharing the good news with others, the next thing comes into your mind will be the baby fund!  baby fund

I think by now, everyone knows that there is no more antenatal/prenatal packages available at KK Hospital, which means you have to make payment each time after consultations and procedures. Yes, it is more expensive for sure, but then there is this FAST SCHEME for private patients, it is a pre-paid value of SGD488 for consultation. They called it fast scheme because after your consultation you don’t have to wait for payment , they will send the invoice to you. Another good part, you will be given a SGD100 vouchers which can be used at KKH pharmacy. So basically, you are paying SGD388 fo SGD488 value. Hmm, don’t ask me, I didn’t get the card as I was not informed earlier.

Prenatal Consultations Charges, very straightforward, you will be charged according to your class status (pte/sub, I won’t go into details between the 2 classes) but there are few bucks different if you choose to see your gynea at The Private Suite or evening clinic (after 6pm). On top of that, I was also informed that if I consistantly seeing my gynea at TPS, I can only opt for Premier A1/B1 delivery packages instead of Classic A1/B1 deliver packages. So if you wanna save some money but still see your prefered gynea, go to Clinic A.

Since many people are asking about the charges ( based on Private Class), let me share my bills with fellow mummies-to-be here (w/o GST). Oh yah, my gynea is a Consultant ( Snr Con, AC, Reg are different ranking, besides test/procedures, you are charged according to your gynea’s rank for consultation ) Please note : KKH just increased their charges for almost all tests/procedures.

1st Visit – week 6
Consultation Fee : 75
Routine Test : 10
Dr ML Yeap used u/s machine to scan embryo but was too small, she told me to come back 2 weeks later for another scan. She didn’t charge me for the u/s scan and she gave us a u/s photo (can see water bag only).

2nd Visit – week 8
Consultation Fee : 55
Routine Test : 10
Ultrasound in consult room : 28
FBC for hubby : 20
Antenatal Screening Test : 62
Dr. ML Yeap Charged u/s scan and gave us a photo, informed EDD. Antenatal Screening Test includes HIV, Hepatitis B , Thalassaemia, Rhesus(Rh)factor, Iron levels, Red blood cell abnormalities, German measles (rubella), Syphilis.

3rd Visit – week 13
Consultation Fee : 55
Routine Test : 10
First Trimester Screening : 300
I was arranged to do FTS ( optional test, blood serum test $150 and scan is $150 ) to check for Down Syndrome. Result will be informed right after the scan and followed by a blood test, 2 days later, you will receive an SMS telling you about the risk. besides, there will be a number for you to call if you wanna know the exact ratio result.

4th Visit – week 20
Consultation Fee : 55
Routine Test : 10
Detailed Scan : 80
The assistant made a mistake for not arranging an appt 5 weeks from my 3rd visit and Dr Yeap thought I missed my appt.
Hubby req Dr Yeap to do another scan in her room as he did not see baby’s genital area (the PRC sonographer didn’t give us an copy) and she happily did the scan and even printed it out. FOC for today u/s in her room.

5th Visit – week 22 (this is not routine check up, I was in for uterine bleeding)
Delivery Suite Triage : 95
IM hydroxyProgesterone : 17.30
Charges including – attended by Medical Officer, HVS culture, injection procedure and 1 hour stay at triage area.

6th Visit – week 24
Consultation Fee : 55
Routine Test : 10
A 10 minutes usual chit chatting session, Dr. Yeap did a quick u/s scan in her room and printed out a copy for us, asked about fetus movement and she did some measurement based on the scan to estimate the fetus’s weight. So far, my glucose test is all right (routine urine) so no OGTT is needed.(it costs around SGD33)

7th Visit – week 28
Consultation Fee : 55
Routine Test : 10
Obimin Multivitamin : 5.50
Natal Care Plus 30S : 28.06
U/S Scan done by Dr. Yeap in her consult room and she told me she won’t be sending me for any futher scan, she prefers to do the scan by herself. As mentioned by her, spending SGD80 for the detailed scan from this moment onwards is wasting money unless she couldn’t see the placenta position and complications arise. As usual, no extra charges for u/s scan in her room and photos were given.

8th Visit – week 31
Consultation Fee : 55
Routine Test : 10
Obimin Multivitamin : 5.50
Natal Care Plus 30S : 28.06
Just another routine check on fetus via u/s and photo was given. Tcu 3 weeks from wk 31.

9th Visit – week 34
Consultation Fee : 45
Routine Test : 7
Charges are slightly different because I saw Dr. Yeap at Clinic B instead of TPS. As there is no u/s scan machine in the room, no photo was given to us but Dr. Yeap used the doppler in the room to check on wawee’s heartbeat. TCU 2 weeks from wk34.

10th Visit – week 36
Consultation Fee : 55
Routine Test : 10
Another short and sweet visit. U/S done with photo given. Do remember to sign up SCBB and book a bed for admission at this point of time. You may discuss your birth plan with your gynea. TCU 2 weeks from wk36.

11th Visit – week 38
Consultation Fee : 55
Routine Test : 10
CTG at TPS : 18.30
Procedure (VE) : FOC
charges for CTG & VE updated. U/S was done in consult room, no photo given. Was on CTG at procedure room at TPS for 30 mins. VE done at week 38 to check on dilation of the cervix. Things to check : BB’s weight, BB position, engagement, birth plan. Dr. Yeap told us to prepare our hospital bag and be alert if there is any signs of labour. TCU 1 week from wk38.

12th Visit – week 39
Consultation Fee : 55
Routine Test : 10

Final check up by Dr Yeap. VE, membrane sweeping and scan done in consult room. The sweeping was too painful to know about other stuff ( baby’s weight, waterbag level). No more TCU for antenatal as induction will be on the following day.

Total Outpatient Charges : SGD 1409.72 (w/o 7% GST)


22 thoughts on “Prenatal Check Up Charges In KKH

  1. going to clinic A to save on class A1/B1 vs paying for premier after labour, seriously i rather go to TPS for their better service and less waiting time.

  2. I am not sure if the service at TPS is better ( there is no service actually, to me lar ) see doc at clinic A pay lesser for consult and routine urine and u/s, that part I think the saving is about $100 for whole 9 months. As for the basic and premier packages, the different is about $1k. I am not sure if my gynea is going to attend to me even in the middle of the night or she will (just like others) get other docs to check on me then later come and deliver the baby.

    oh yah, as for the waiting time, my case, ranging from 20 minutes – 1.5 hours. what do you think?

  3. Haha… You’re right! You’ll feel excited to see the + sign of pregnancy kit. Next moment, reality hit for $, at least spend 1k before delivery, then delivery and after delivery which will be the biggest bomb of life. Which explain I strongly stand my belief to have 2 kids. Have enough quarreling with Hubby due to $$$.

  4. Haha, after fighting then understand each other more.but I thought most companies will settle the check up bills?

  5. Di, companies settle check up bills related to pregnancy? This is something new to me, all the while I thought is not covered…. heehee…. I better check with my HR…. 🙂

  6. Katherine, I know most companies has some medical fund for each employee to see doc ( some got ceiling, some no ) so you just see doc ( be it gynea or not ) , pay it upfront and get it reimbursed later.

    Some companies got Insurance companies to tag along like Ben’s, we are with panflex so I just need to submit my invoice number online at panflex website and send the original invoice to the HR deparment for them to collect every Tues. He can spend up to SGD2k per year if I am not mistaken.

    Besides, if hospitalisation fee is also covered by hospital, you just need to know your entitled class status. In the past when I was with National Heart Centre, those patients (managers rank) saw the $10k estimated bill then immediately called the company HR to check.

  7. Sigh… My company worse no reimburse on pregnancy and dental.

  8. wah, like that very siong, I calculate mine already hit 1k

  9. So now understand why I refuse to go for 3rd one unless combine salary hit 10k+ before I hit 30. Too siong!

    And I very sick and tired to quarrel because of money. All give children, can’t even really spend on my own.

  10. Really ah…Next time must consult you more about child expenses. To get 10k income then can feed 5 comfortably? How much cayden needs monthly?

  11. In the past, I only spend $600 for nanny now is S$1200, $800 to Nanny & balance to childcare. I start heavily on milk powder is only when he’s 1 year old.

    Not feed comfortably with 10k+, at least we no need to worried tomorrow no money. Childcare school fee always rise annually, need to be prepared. So if got 3, i forseen fixed at least 2k need to go out for nanny and school:( So can imagine if take home pay too little, I need to stop working. Then my hubby stress on $$$ & we quarrel again. To me, it will be not worth it. Above does not include their insurance and neccesities:(

  12. oh, your nanny charges $800 for one kid? $400 to childcare for cayden.

    Yo… so much, I am going to get insurances for myself and baby, which is going to be $3.6k annually ( not including Ben’s). As for childcare, like you, I will only send in after 3 years old because Ben wants me to do home teaching since I am not working. Our monthly expenses is reasonable, after deduct all the extra here and there, left not much…:(

  13. Nope – $800 for taking care of Caleb and dinner money for cayden. She also help me shower him.

    Yalor… Now you know how stress I am with Baby No 2. Thank god, our 900 per month reno loan will be clear end this month.

  14. wah piang… finally finish the loan, wah stress leh, my mum only charge max $700 per kid.

  15. Di, check already, my company will not remiburse any medical and hospital charges related to pregnancy… we got fixed company doctor, the heathway group…. ;P

    But the company do give us dental remibursement…… 🙂

  16. ic, then have to fork out own pocket money. So far I know TMC and other pte gynea like to check non standard thing like pap smear and other extra test during pregnancy, got some mummies spent up to 2-3k for prenatal check up ONLY. I will share with you a website tonight ( the mummy shared her TMC Bill in 2008 online in detail like mine ).

  17. Halo ladies!
    After reading the string of “conversations” above…. the most word count is $$$! Guess no matter how tough life is, we still have to get going right 🙂 Kids are a bundle of joy! I’m so looking fwd to tat (+) sign on my pregnancy test kit 1 day 😀

    P.S Diana, I hv dropped u an email today. Check it out…

  18. Diet, definitely can see + sign!! 加油!

    p/s: I will reply you shortly. 🙂

  19. Diana , do you mind sharing the details with me , would like to know the cost for other docs as well..

  20. yanyan, I do not know the cost for other doctors leh.

  21. sorry i mean the wedsite that you mentioned above 🙂

  22. Sorry yan yan, I post a lot of things, which website? About KKH?

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