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  1. Hi Diana

    thanks for your blog and i follow through. we chatted a while previously on pregnancy and i know you are a ex-nurse with KKH. would sincerely need your advice on one issue. i need to go for a birth induction next week as my baby is heavy at week 38th for 3.4kg and with my small frame of 1.51m, my gynae recommend induction. sigh…cross finger really all will turn out well. it’s scheduled at 2am, do you have any idea if induction is done by the doctor on duty or gynae? wanted to ask my gynae but can’t catch him after i got the consent form from nurse, dropped him an email though.. and i know hospital should have a procedure of work so might not be my gynae ..though i really hope so!

    i just hope all went well, most probably i will need epidural with induction.

    say hi to baby asher!
    happy new year 2010! :)))


  2. Hi Nobi!!

    First of all, I wish you a smooth smooth smooth delivery! Can’t wait to see your newborn! Remember to email me your baby’s photo. Add me at FB – 🙂

    Re: Weight of Baby
    I don’t know who is your gynea but whenever they told us about BB’s weight, is +/- 30% so not TOO WORRY about it, if you have to push, you got to push, if you can’t push due to the size, you may just have to deliver with assisted equipments – vacuum disk or forcep.

    Re: Epidural
    Well, I had my epidural at the very first beginning ( even bfore my gynea broke my waterbag membrane) so I have NO IDEA WHAT IS LABOUR PAIN. If you’re gonna have induce birthing, then you can ask for epidural after you think you can’t stand the pain or you can do it like me, I was having the this thought : since I am going to get the epidural, might as well get it earlier because VE was nightmare to me and I just don’t wanna to feel the ” digging” feeling! Some mummies wanna test water, wanna know if they can tolerate the pain or not so.. it is up to you. 🙂

    My gynea did tell me, it is good to have epi for first birth because we don’t know HOW CLEVER we are when comes to pushing and breathing techniques. Well, another mummy said,” just take it, why act like a moron and scream like hell in the room. haha”

    To be honest, I was in fear when comes to birthing, my pregnancy was smooth and I enjoyed it but I was really afraid when the date getting closer then my mum said,” don’t make yourself so fearful about birthing, you can take epidural to have a pleasant delivery experience.” well you see, speaking from a mother who had 4 natural birthing w/o epidural. 🙂 So don’t be afraid and know what you want.

    Re: Package at KKH
    I assume you are taking the PREMIUM PKG, if you are, then most likely your gynea will be there to set a plug for you, just like mine. But then again, mine went missing after breaking my waterbag, it was doc on call & nurse in charge who was attending to me until I was confirmed to go for emergency op, my gynea appeared.

    Re: Aaesthetist
    My anaesthetist ,Dr yeo was the one who insert the needle at my back for administration of epidural. OUR GYNEAS DON’ DO THAT, only anaesthetist and we are not given a chance to choose anaesthetist so I believe for you case, you will just get a anaesthetist who is on duty that day. FYI, anaesthetist are all doctors, they don’t do operation or see patients like other docs, they are only in charge of anaesthesia (pain killer) or pain management. Hope I’ve cleared your doubts.

    Go read my birth story – I wrote down step by step. so you will have a picture what to expect on that day. Good Luck !!

    Happy New Year to you and your family !

  3. Thanks so much for your prompt reply, Diana. I have noted all and i felt much confident and ready after your reply. right now, buttock hurts like crazy, even sitting down or dressing up makes me pain like mad esp around the lower abdominal even my 80 years old grandmother walks faster than me hahaha
    I am going for a rest and is due for induction soon..after which i will surely come here and share my story with you! Please wait for me 🙂

    meanwhile, enjoy baby asher and new motherhood 🙂

  4. No Problem!! Rest well =)

  5. diana, ur replies are so complete!
    can be faq liao lor!

  6. That’s 2 way communication

  7. Hi Diana! This is Gen from SmartKids Asia, nice to meet you! Could you give me an email address that I could contact you at personally? Many thanks!

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