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What to Pack when Travelling with A 8 10 Months Old?


I know, the topic comes a little bit early. Another 4 monthsIn 2 weeks time, we will be going for holiday and this is our first time going overseas with a baby. Instead of thinking what to bring and what not to be missed ALONE, I decided to start the topic earlier and please please please, share with me the tips and experiences !!!! I’ll add on the tips/things to bring below. Fyi,

Our destination : Perth
Season : End Winter
Temperature : 18-21 deg cel
Length of Stay : 1 week

Our destination : Cambridge & London
Season : Summer – Early Autumn
Temperature : 12-20 deg cel
Length of Stay : Cambridge (8 days) London (10 days)
Here are the lists…

– Disposable Bibs

Baby Jar Food

– Feeding Set

– Umbrella

– Jacket with Hood

– Socks

– Hankies

– Hat

Disposable Diapers

– Milk Powder

– Thermal Flask

– Milk Bottles

– Baby’s Favourite Toys

– Pacifier

– Bolster & Pillow

– Changing Mat

– Diaper Cream

– Small bottles of disinfecting Hand Gel, Baby Wash & Baby Lotion

– Baby Moisturiser/Lip Balm

– Small bottles of Clothes Detergen & Bottles Cleansing Detergen

– Cleaning Tools

– Super light weight Stroller

– Bjorn Carrier

– Plastic Bags to Dispose Soiled Diaper

– Wipes

– First-aid Kit – Thermometer, Syrup Panadol

– Baby Ruyi Oil

Mosquito Patch

– Teething Gel

– Sippy Cup



29 thoughts on “What to Pack when Travelling with A 8 10 Months Old?

  1. Baby Moisturiser/Lip Balm?
    Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise.

  2. Hi Diana

    Coincidentally I’m travelling with my 5 and 1/2 month old to Australia this weekend. Contingencies for extra food on flights, toys/entertainment (cos im sure he wont be sleeping throughout), Moisturiser on board, extra burp cloths, extra change of clothes for yourself (just in case of spills and accidents)

    Oh and remember to request for bassinet AND front row seats when you book cos these are usually 1st to be taken up. I had to request for mine 2 months in advance.

    What I’m doing is to pack 1 bag for plane use, and the other for travelling in general.

    Hope this helps !

  3. whoah..very comprehensive checklist…eh..can’t really think of anything to add on..maybe 如意油 or Wood’s 肥仔水 for uncomfortable tummy ? & Baby carrier just in case some parts are not stroller friendly… 🙂

    Happy packing Di ! always good to start early…envy Bb Asher gets to travel at such a young age and u too..cos I won’t have the courage or energy to bring Favian anywhere at least for now..ha

  4. Sigh, the place we are going is not very BABY FRIENDLY and we even need the hotel to prepare more drinking water for us to boil water for his milk so no choice, got to make sure – EVERYTHING NEEDED IS THERE.

  5. sterilizing tablets for his used milk bottles?

  6. hmm… ok. play safe, better bring. Thanks!

  7. i think the milk bottles cleaning tools?
    sippy cups if he using….
    does he eat cereal?? or u planning to cook porridge?
    if he is teething by then… maybe teething gel.

  8. Maybe i always have lodging to stay, so my items is always minimise.

  9. sam, you lucky..hehe

    hazel, thanks for your help. I bought teething gel already.

  10. Di, u will b away for so long? a month?

  11. ya. about 3-4 weeks then come back just in time for Asher’s first bday bash and meet up with my cousins, cbil, niece and nephew.:D

  12. You are going to Europe afterall!
    That’s such an epic trip! Have lotsa fun 🙂

  13. just confirmed la, too early annouce then sekali cancel (again). 😛
    plus this is obviously not a holiday to me, imaging I am lugging all the barang barang on my own, flying with asher all by myself, 13 hours flight, boarding bus at heathrow to cambridge (2 hrs), no joke! But i know if i survived this trip, i will have more confident to bring asher to the State when he turns 2/3. 😀

    And you, happy working and happy shopping hor…euro rate is better than pounds!! 😦

  14. hey what about the rain cover for the stroller ? Can protect from strong wind too so Asher will not be too cold?

  15. wah u r flying all by urself ?!!! kudos to u ! Great Mummy !

  16. thanks cherli ! hmm… my sister got asher a light pram( will post about it soon), don’t think there is any rain cover that suits the pram, I am going to Toy R Us to get an umbrella. maybe not going to help much. 😦

    Some commented about London is very pram unfriendly, so I will be Bjorn’ng asher most of the time, the pram, will be using it during our stay in cambridge, where the weather is reasonable.

    Jacyln, yes yes choice, Ben is going for longer period and we are limited to bring only 2kg of milk powder per person, england doesn’t have our choice of milk powder, all local brand so I decided to go later, stay max 3-4 weeks.

  17. what about buying the jeep brand i think it is a universal cover about $25

  18. Thanks cherli, saw that before at carrefour. I’ll buy the pram suit from m&s.don’t wanna bring too many things, the itinerary keeps changing, today he told me he will fly to vienna for conference, so I will have lug all the stuff from singapore-heathrow-cambridge-heathrow-Vienna-heathrow-Cambridge-London-heathrow! I very sian…Arrrggghhhhhhhhh

  19. icic.. but very brave and capable of u to lug all the luggage cum pram cum Asher.. I wouldn’t imagine myself doing that.. only overnight stay at in laws place I am with 2-3 bags.. imagine a month in England ? I m seriously admiring u.. Ben is lucky to have u taking care of Asher while he is away for work.. 🙂 And i m sure it would b a great trip for Asher & u 🙂

  20. ben better be nice to mini ben and mini ben’s mommy!! or i’ll kill him! now I have to make sure I bring only 1 big luggage bag, super light weight pram (1-2kg) bjorn carrier to carry asher so my hands are free, then a diaper bagpack to bring to cabin. baby jar food, cereal, finger food, diapers, wipes I will get there once I arrived.

    watch out this space, you will know if I survivied!! hahahaaha…

  21. hey diana.. jadebelle here..

    heard UK rains a lot, if you will be bjourning him a lot, maybe good to get a big raincoat for yourself that can cover over him when you bjourne.
    Also, that time I went japan with my girl, I brought along a multipurpose cooker/kettle and some potatoes and utensils for mashing it. the cooker can be used to make homecooked babyfood as well as sterilize the bottles. Also it would be good if you bring your own baby food on board cuz the babyfood they served cold! Even if not hot, at least room temperature mah, but no.. it was cold.. lucky I brought own food.

    Also, I brought on board a small bedsheet cuz the bassinet seat cover was quite warm and i think a bit pricky for baby, so i pulled over my own soft, smooth bedsheet.

    You might also like to bring along some nice to drink baby juice.. it’s really dry and high pressure there. need to keep baby drinking else they’ll be very cranky and uncomfortable.

    The gerber canned prune was also quite useful.. Baby didn’t have bowel problems over there due to different weather conditions, food/drinks etc.
    Will you be bring baby nail cutter as well? 1 month’s trip, you’ll definitely need it.

    How about sunblock? Although I heard there’s hardly need for a sunblock over there.
    And some baby’s medication like fever patch, panadol, diarrhoe, and flu.. just in case.

    Also the emergency contact numbers over there. Will be useful if you really need it

    Will there be long drives during the trip, would be good to bring a baby cd or any baby music to entertain baby on the way. Baby snacks also ok

    If you bring out homemade baby food, you might need thermal food flask

    Where will your baby sleep? Need to bring playpen?

  22. Hi Diana,
    Are you travelling with SQ? They have really good service and will take speical care of mummies travelling alone with their kiddo. YOu can ask the stewardess or steward to help you look after bb when u eat, or when u need to go to the toilet.

    I hope u get a bassinet and the bulk head seat.

  23. Thanks for the tips.

    Medication, I’m preparing syrup piriton and paracetamol, hotel is next to boots so I think I can get it medicine in case I need.

    Playpen, way too heavy.:) I’ll get the hotel to prepare cot instead, Asher prefers to cuddle me to bed now.

    Hazel, yes! SQ is one and only choice for long haul flight. Thanks for informing me, glad to know they are helpful. You took night flight?

  24. i took the night flight back. but going there we had the late morning flight

  25. So happy! I’m so going to refer to your archives again 😛

  26. Hunter travels at 10mo ? You see to it, don’t leave out medicine, I looked around shanghai, only 1 women&children hospital.

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