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Eumora Soap Bar


Many people who know me, know I use only KOSE products, yeah, I’ve been using KOSE for the past 5 years! Not that the products are SUPER DUPER GOOD, I use them because they are affordable and I am not ALLERGY to them. (READ: I am allergy to Kesalan Patharan)

Many people who know me, know I am an impatient person. YES, those freckles on my face were removed using Laser, not KOSE products, products take way tooooo long to see result.

TOO BAD, my freckles are getting more and more again. I almost wanted to call the clinic to make an appointment until I saw Linda, Chris’ sister. HER FACE – one word to describe – FLAWLESS !! Okay, I don’t see her often, once a year? I last saw her at Cheryl’s 5th Birthday Party – April ’10. I don’t remember I did the “wow, look at her face” reaction but when she came to daddy’s wake last 2 weeks, I got a shock and secretly asked Nat.

All right, it is the little soap called Eumora. No, I know what are you thinking now but NO, Linda is a down to earth, simple married woman who doesn’t go to spa, facial treatment. She doesn’t wear skirt/dress as she rides a BIKE! If you’re wondering, she doesn’t put on make up too. So, I am 100% sure that it must be this little soap that makes the wonder.


15 thoughts on “Eumora Soap Bar

  1. I have to warn u first.. U may experience dry skin, even flaky. U may get an outbreak of pimples. It depends on ur underlying skin condition. Chris has none of these cuz he has never used facial products, Cheryl too. But I had pimples outbreak.
    But u need to stick to it and the nice skin will come.

  2. so far so good. started using it on monday, a tiny one my right side but that’s normal for me.

  3. diana,

    let me know if it’s good. i also need to clear my face. i’ve pimples & blemishes. but i scared used already have outbreak like wat nat said.

  4. keen keen keen!! how to buy them??

  5. Pat, can meet up if you want. I’ll get my sister to contact you.:)

    Bren, breakout, not everyone, my colleague and I didn’t have bad breakout le, but after that face super smooth and nice! Not dull at all, that’s why I use it.:D

  6. Hi Diana,

    I’m interested to buy too after reading ur post. U mind getting ur sis to contact me? my email.

  7. i was interested after reading ya post but read from various cources on the internet there are equally many negative feedbacks on the soap…

  8. Really?!

    I know using this soap initially may give quite bad effect that’s why many people give really bad comment like waste money or make it worst but Just gotta keep using and the good effect will come!

    So far, many family members are using and none give negative feedbacks, saw my colleagues yesterday, she also didn’t say anything bad about the soap. I just help my sister to mail a few packs of 4 pcs out, will see what are their feedbacks. Like my sister said, expect bad effect and the good one will come shortly!:D

    I was skeptical like you too, that’s why I’m the last one in the family to start using it.:p

  9. Hi there, am a silent reader of yours… Am interested in this soup bar as well, but the thing is my complexion is not that good and can be quite sensitive. So not sure if I’m suitable with it. Can I buy one from u to try it out first, before I decide if I wanna stick on with this.

    Even if have breakout, how long do we have to wait to see the effect of the good skin? Thanks!!!

  10. Hi candy, I’ll get my sister to contact you asap. 🙂

  11. Hi Diana, thanks! U have my email add?

  12. Hey thanks!!! Received email from nat… Thanks alot!

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