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Malacca Celup


We were at Katong few weeks back and I spotted this restaurant !! Satay Celup , my favorite !! I told Ben I want to dine here, to celebrate our anniversary 😛

Now we don’t have to travel to malacca ! This restaurant was newly opened on 15th March, the owner is a very young lady called Stacey. My dear friends, Malacca Celup can be found at Facebook and remember to “Like” it to receive promotions/discounts !







6 thoughts on “Malacca Celup

  1. I miss malacca… lolz! I sure will try to visit this place…. keke… 🙂

  2. This is at Katong !:D next time we go eat together !!

  3. Luk Luk – this is what northen Malaysian called.

    I love this a lot but now have kids cannot eat especially the Quail eggs. CK said it’s too high in cholestorol and on street side not clean, cannot introduce to kids:(

  4. Yes, it’s lok lok. I love it !! But with the peanut sauce, a bit too much. When I was young, we lok in boiling water then eat with sauce.

  5. heehee okie okie.. I always love the east area, esp katong… wahahaha… I am still thinking when would I shift over there…. properly when I no need to work in Jurong area…. haha!

  6. Ben loves to stay at these area but I think it’s too expensive

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