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What to Feed Toddler During Holiday


I’ve been cracking my head what to feed Asher, how to prepare food, how not to skip meal… for the past few days !

Asher was only 14 months old when we went for our 7-day Tokyo holiday. We gave him baby cereal and milk and my poor son lose all his baby fat ! See, now I think bringing an infant for overseas holiday is less troublesome than bringing a toddler when comes to food! Because infant only needs formula milk and breastmilk ! LOL !!

Our upcoming 10-day holiday is making me nervous as I do not want to bring back a skinny toddler ! Asher is not really a fussy eater, he just refuses to exercise his jaw muscle. He loves porridge, any kind of porridge, when we prepare rice for him, he only takes a few spoonful and that’s it.

Thanks to mommy Hazel for telling me about Pigeon Baby Food. I’m going to get these for Asher, although I know the chances of getting rice over there are almost zero !





As for his breakfast, I’ll bring these :



Besides bringing baby food, I also bought powdered milk storage pack. It is very handy when preparing milk for Asher.


And the last thing I wanna bring is …
A traveller cooker !



4 thoughts on “What to Feed Toddler During Holiday

  1. just to share with u,my 18th months son,i gave him:
    1) instant oat porridge+banana+avocado
    2) instant oat porridge/plain cereal+baby food(food jar,but,must the one that he like,because he a bit fussy on this)
    3) traveller cooker- scramble egg w cheese(stock up some cheese,it’s very convenient,can cook with any other food)can also add tomato,mushroom.
    4) sometime i only gave him bread+banana+package milk.
    5) Breakfast,he just grab anything in hotel buffet.
    6) Plain porridge for lunch(from breakfast buffet if they have),keep warm with my thermal flask+(above)

    i always like banana n avocado as they are good in nutritions and convenient.

  2. Hi alice,

    thanks for sharing with me

    1. instant oat porridge? may I know how is the packaging? brand?
    2. my son stopped taking jar food. I brought a few during our tokyo trip and he refused to take any. before that, he had no problem and had been taking jar food. so now, jar food is out of question.
    3. traveller cooker – the last thing i wanna lug along. having little time resting and not knowing if the hotel allowing us to cook or not, it is risky to bring this actually. besides, different socket. this trip, we are going to few places
    4. thanks for telling me this, I will check with the agent about getting around the place (during f&e) so i can grab food/bread
    5. thanks for reminding me, i will check with the agent the hotels we are going to stay and what kind of breakfast they are providing. from my experience, it’s not likely to be intl bfast buffet but waffles and bread, coffee and tea. nothing fanciful
    6. we stayed in marriott during our holiday in phuket in march, they served porridge, both plain and with minced meat, my son refused both – but he never no to porridge at home

    We are travelling to countries where they are VERY STRICT when comes to FOOD. If i bring banana and avocado, no idea if all going into the bin or not. So I am trying to bring sealed baby food. if I can find these easily over there, I also don’t wanna lug so many stuff. 😛

    Thanks again for sharing with me.

  3. instant oat is the one just added hot water,u can try quaker red packaging, cowhead organic oat, these easily can find at ntuc. When i traveling/outing this would be the best n convenient for me.

    During breakfast at home i also gave him instant oat.linked some recipe for your reference:

    May b u can let Asher try the texture before the holiday whether he like it or not.

    Pigeon brand a bit pricy n the portion is small, so, i always add with plain porridge/a piece of bread or instant oat.

    my son also like the brand Rafferty garden, can get it at any supermarket.
    but, at Singapore got nothing much choices for toddler.

    Don’t worry too much, enjoy your trip, people like to said “chuan dao qiao tou zhi ran zi”, surely can get other food that suitable for Asher during holiday.

  4. Thanks for sharing the link! 🙂

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