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Asher @ Royce Gym


We paid $15 simply because daddy Ben wanted to try out his new camera. Well, I think both daddy & son had a great time at the mini play area.

Below photos were taken using my iPhone 4.

Lay them straight20110530-212547.jpg




Looks like Asher loves this and I am thinking of gettiting something similiar from Toy R Us20110530-212646.jpg



2 thoughts on “Asher @ Royce Gym

  1. Di, toys r us hv the last toy ? Looks really fun ! Wanna get for Favian too.. Btw how much in total is Royce gym ? Been wanting to bring Favian there for e longest time.

  2. Hey,
    The toy I got was nothing close to this one. You can see the latest post. 🙂 I thought it’s almost the same but I was wrong. Just pretend play.

    Royce gym, I didn’t sign up. Just pay $15 per hour for the playground outside the gym. It’s actually meant for younger kids, for our kids age group, $25 per hour for them to climb up and down.

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