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Cooking Porridge During Holiday







I cooked porridge for Asher everyday without fail. Yes, I woke up way earlier than the morning call from the hotel.




4 thoughts on “Cooking Porridge During Holiday

  1. Hi Diana

    May I know what cooker you used to cook Asher’s porridge during your holiday? I am thinking of getting one cooker to cook porridge for my son.

    Is it a good buy?

  2. My sister’s MIL lent me hers. It’s just a normal traveller kettle.

    My suggestion is to buy ready to eat rice from meidi ya if your child already started eating solid.

  3. Hi Diana

    Ready to eat rice? How does it look like?

  4. Hmm, it’s cooked rice in pack, just tear the seal and ready to eat. You can go daiso/meidi ya / isetan to get it

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