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Step 1 – Renunciation of Citizenship



Today is the day, a very special day, it’s my …

Nope, it’s not my birthday ! But the day we go to ICA together for interview.

Counting down to 13.10.2011, I shall log into ICA website to check my status of application.

Wish me luck !


11 thoughts on “Step 1 – Renunciation of Citizenship

  1. 101% you sure success in your application:)

  2. Thanks !! 😀 hopefully

  3. All the best Diana. Await to hear the good news! 🙂

  4. good luck!
    byebye to blue (ic), hello to pink (ic)!

  5. Thanks !

    Cannot bye bye yet, still gonna wait 3 months, subject to approval !

    I will be happier if no need to apply visa to some countries !! Waste money

  6. Hello,

    Just to check, when you submitted the citizenship application, were you required to submit an official translation for the Malaysian Birth Certificate, since it was not in English? ICA is strict for rejecting applicants even on spelling, so I wanted to be sure 🙂


    Jia Jun

  7. Check again, it’s written in both bahasa and English.

  8. Oh, then you may want to call them and ask. Mine was printed in both languages

  9. Ok, thank you 🙂

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