She is a Blo-ga-a-ho-lic

Just a HDB budget Tai Tai who wants to live her life to the fullest






I’m torn between the 2 cities and I’m so indecisive, if we leave Asher at home, we will miss him like crazy, if we bring him along, we are going to miss everything. LoL !!

The first,
– a 2 weeks holiday
– it’s a lovely place
– cheap air fare
– lots of shopping
– long haul flight
– will be visiting another city by domestic flight (pic 2)

And the latter
– 5 days holiday
– the flight is 1/3
– just right if I wanna bring Asher along
– nice weather
– everything is cheap

Aaarrrrgggghhhh, throw coins?


4 thoughts on “Indecisive

  1. are you sure that you can leave him at home? hehehehe… may miss him too much to enjoy lei.

  2. But the hours of flight is super scary .

  3. Same. I was torn between going for a longer & further trip without Ethan & a shorter & nearer trip. Decided to bring him along cos I’ll keep thinking of him.

  4. You guys are going hk next month right? Any other destination in mind?

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