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Surprise from Ben ! – Universal Studios Singapore

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All along, I’m always the one giving surprises to Ben. This year, 2012 is really a surprising year for me. Ben took leave, told me he had plan for us, it’s belated V day celebration. He refused to tell me the program he planned for today, just kept reminding me not to plan anything. (re:shopping) and not to send Asher to school.

What a surprise ! Ben drove all the way to Sentosa !

This is our 2nd time to USS, we were here 1.5yrs ago with my cousin, Cox family. I didn’t blog about it because those photos were still in my old camera and I lost the charger! I also didn’t have the mood to blog about it because my father passed away few days later.

Okay, back to our USS family day surprise! We started our day at the China Bistro at USS for our dim sum brekky.

2 sets of breakfast cost us $40, it’s less expensive than I thought and it’s delicious! They made the wrong set for us and I had to wait for my noodles, so the fried rice was on the house. I give 3 stars to this restaurant!


We were at Madagascar ! First Ride : A crate Adventure

Second Ride : King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round

Boogies Show at 330pm ! Love the show so much and now, Asher will sing “move it move it”

We were at Far Far Away ! Ride : Enchanted Airway, Asher cried and left the ride before it started. Daddy went alone and said it is indeed not suitable for a 2.5yo
from youtube

Shrek 4-D Adventure
from youtube as no video allowed. Asher refused to put on the glass but he sat through the show!

Ride : Magic Potion Spin
from youtube

We were at The Lost World !

Ride : Dino-Soarin’
from youtube as they said no photo/video taking. 😦

We were at Ancient Egypt ! Ride : Treasure Hunters




from youtube

It’s almost 1:30pm and Asher fell asleep within minutes, without fuss.

And Ben continued his ride ! Revenge of the Mummy ! I dare not take any scary rides at all and this is probably the 5th time Ben takes this ride.from youtube, after viewing it from youtube, I am glad I didn’t go for the ride. LOL

We were at Sci-Fi City ! Ben’s favourite! You know how many times this fella went for Battlestar Galactica: The Ride – Human & Cylon ? More than 5 times !!!!! Now I know why I waited for soooo long.

How can he miss the TRANSFORMERS the ride : The Ultimate 3D Battle

Asher and I went to New York !

Yes, my son. I think you are ready for another 18-21 hours flight and we will definitely go New York (the real one) in the next 2 years.

Our lunch at Hollywood, Mel’s Drive-In

After lunch, we went for our last show : Lights, Camera, Action ! Hosted by Steven Spielberg
from youtube because my batt flat. 😦

We had so much fun at USS. Thanks Ben for everything! With his busy schedule, I never thought he will plan for a family day and he did! He knows I am extremely happy and now he is planning for another thing for us… but again, what is it? Hmm… No matter what, 老公的心意,我们都收到了! Thank You !!


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