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Am I a Petty Mom?


When baby G broke mommy Catherine’s Rolex, mommy Cat didn’t scold baby G, she even said,” it’s ok.” I was so touch, it’s Rolex for god sake !! The cost of repair is SGD8k and I seriously think I’m not going to stay that cool if this happens to me, especially thing that I really like a lot. I’ll definitely blow up!

Tonight, it is proven that I’m a petty mom. Asher was playing ball in the house with daddy and god knows why he used his both hands to throw the ball onto my display table.

Why not that windmill display? (I have friend staying at holland)

Why not the Eiffel Tower? (we may be going there again in Sept)

Why not the Manneken Pis mini statues? (think it is not so easy to break, even if it breaks, we can always go Belgium from London, if we are going)

Why must it got to be my favorite display from Cologne !????!!!! I really don’t think we will go there again !!!!!!!!

I got so angry that I raised my voice at daddy, who was suppose to look after Asher but it happened too fast. I went into my room without Asher. I even told him I’m not going to sleep with him tonight. 3 minutes later, the little hands knocked on my door, called out mommy mommy in his super babyish cute tone. I kept quiet, he opened the door and ran to me, climbed onto my body, looked at me very closely and said,” mommy, mommy, sorry mommy. Asher throw ball, on table, dropped, bomm!”

I can’t believe I answered him,”it’s okay baby, we’ll get another one.”

Okay now, who is going Cologne, Germany? Ermm, can help me to buy one back?


2 thoughts on “Am I a Petty Mom?

  1. in the first place, why play ball in the house?

    but my hub also doesn’t understand why i do not allow them to play ball indoors so …

  2. It was coming to 9pm and this boy went to take a ball and started playing with the father, of all corner they played near the display table. Sigh, getting a glue to glue them now:(

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