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Art & Craft @ Home

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Mommy : Asher, let’s choose a page to do colouring.
Asher : No. (shake head and push the colouring book away)
Mommy : Asher, let’s do colouring today.
Asher : mommy, Asher do painting! (smiley face and nod his head)

Mommy almost runs out of idea what to do with our little painter at home ! Yes, he requests to do it daily during our “Learning together” session.

Thanks to our broadband, I got all my resources whenever I need from Internet!

Wanted to do “straw painting” but Asher has not master the skill of blowing through a straw yet, lol, little “air” and saliva come out from the straw instead. So, we tried something different.



Yeah, just pour all the Colour mixture on paper and let him do some movement and here we have “movement painting”


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