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Day 2 – 吃在 Pontian


Enough of 干捞面 & 咖喱面?no way !! We went to Yoke Kee for our brekky 20120304-202052.jpg




Off we went to Pontian. The road signs and GPS signal are confusing! There are Pontian Besar and Pontian kechil. But this “kechil” is not small, it is bigger than pontian besar! The “Pontian” everyone is talking about is Pontian Kechil. So, follow Pontian Kechil! I find it amusing, I kept telling Ben my FB friend said to try Pontian noodles when I mentioned I wanted to come here, Ben asked,”which stall? Restaurant?” I couldn’t answer him. He then said,”next time if your friends say they are going to TI, tell them to try the famous Chee Cheong Fun but don’t tell them Liew Kee and don’t tell them it opens only after 10pm.” learnt my lesson to do more research, we wasted almost an hour trying to reach ” Pontian ” LoL !!




Ah Chuan located @ 130, Jalan Johor. Yes, here may not serve the best Pontian wanton noodles but it belongs to our friend’s mom so we decided to patronize her stall.


Man’s mom was preparing noodles for us.

It had been a long time since we last drink something unhealthy

The Ketchup version ! I came all the way here to eat the 古早味 of Singapore wanton noodles !! After that, Aunty told us she also sells the dark sauce version. Aarrggghhh ! Frankly speaking, I have no idea which is the “original” version but I think the one I used to eat at FEP is great. Pontian again? No, I don’t think I’ll come to this kampung again. At least not all the way here to eat,

Occasionally played with his feet when he is bored, check out what he did in the car …


The GPS says … Because of the time wasted in the afternoon, we missed the Johor Premium Outlet. So sore about it , Ben said he will bring me there but when? Our weekends are packed for the month of March. April? 什么兴致都没了.

Look at my Aunty 本色 ! The J’s body milk bath, kids cereal and milk are cheaper as it is made in Malaysia. These will last asher 4 months, I should have bought more cereal. It’s ok, don’t have to tell me about the nutrition thingy. I know the slight different. Anyway, I never believe in “milk makes your smarter”. If you are smart, you are smart no matter what. (I have 3 living examples)


I bought 2 cute pants for Asher and Brycen.


For the first time, he says,”mommy, I want angry bird please.” x4 at the shop, popo bought a set for him.



2 thoughts on “Day 2 – 吃在 Pontian

  1. We drive to JPO next month ok? RP open ?

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