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Beef for Toddler

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Asher started taking beef when he was around 10mos 4mo ! I didn’t cook beef, I bought those toddler food from Heinz. He ate too little and it was really a hassle to cook “so little”. I wanted Asher to try more varieties so Heinz was my first choice. Oh yes, his first pasta was from the glass bottle too. I think he tried all baby food from Heinz.

After a while, I kind of forget that he does eat beef because his main is always fish, salmon or cod. When he is more willing to exercise his mandible muscle, I started giving minced chicken, then minced pork and finally, now at 29mo, I cook beef ! Asher loves it so much and today, I cook minced beef porridge, the children finished without fuss too. I’m going to cool beef bolognese tomorrow !


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