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Is He A Bully ?


Teacher and Aunty Tan both disagreed when I used this word on Asher, teacher said at only 2.5yo, they will not think of hurting other people, or proud of what they do after making a person cry.

It started months ago, can’t remember exactly when as I was still working. Most of the days I worked only half a day, I reached home around 2-3pm. Yes I witnessed it myself but he wasn’t harsh.

Of course I reprimanded him but again, I was not very firm as popo always said this is the way they love each other or he doesn’t know how to show his love or he doesn’t know that cause pain on others. Besides, I don’t want my son to see me as a monster who comes home scolding and beating him.

Things got a little out of control in Jan- Feb. Pushing, sitting on someone are daily “complaint” from school and home, countless is my answer if you asked me how many times a day. Can you imagine how shock I was when I started to send Asher to school by myself since Feb. I’m glad I decided to stay at home and coach my own son, before he turns into a big bully in future ! In the past 1.5month, I received 2 texts from 2 managers asking me if I can work in their clinics for short term, I rejected them without hesitation!

We tried time out, failed. Well, you see how this boy enjoyed himself. Teacher thinks that this method doesn’t work for him too. I tried putting his favorite toys aside but he was cool about that ! Stickers and cane didn’t work too !

Lately, teacher is trying out new method in school. She appoints him to be the leader in the class, the one who helps teacher to clear toys and learning materials, be the first to queue in the line to lead the rest so he has the responsibility to be a good big brother in school and hopefully, at home. As for me, I bring him to playgroup everyday, distract him and let him “release his energy” at the playgroup to eliminate his “push push” habit at home.

2 weeks later, we see changes in him. Aunty Tan updates me his progress almost daily after school and popo also find him more responsible now. The “push push” habit is cutting down to “countable number”. And I reward him for being a good boy with “lots of praises”. Yes, no sweets or candies for Asher as he is not a candy lover. Teacher also rewards him in school, with chocolate. He will hold his little chocolate in his hand and tell me, share with didi Brycen.20120306-100523.jpg

All along, he has no problem sharing toys and food, just the “push push” habit. So now, you know how happy we are when Asher brings his toy to console the little cousin, offers drink and initiates to feed him too.






2 thoughts on “Is He A Bully ?

  1. I don’t think he is a bully at all. Just needs a lot of talking to and advice. Young as he is, he understands and we can tell that he loves the people around him.

  2. Yes, I was so worried as he pushed everyone in school! Definitely much better these days

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