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Worksheets from school & home

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Compare to his very first worksheet from school, this is so much better !! At least he writes at the correct spot and follow the stroke.

Insisted to complete the second last page of his maze book. I told him it’s complicated and asked him,”are you sure you want to try this page?” Look ! He made it to the star!

Done by yours truly in 15 minutes time. I decided to try teaching something more difficult. No idea how to teach reading those words but he seems to like the weather more and gets all correct.


The flash cards are from school and only flash once a week and I’m surprised as he starts naming one by one along the way to school or when he is bored. Yes, all 10 animals in correct sequence.

These are the songs Asher loves to sing now, there are ABC, twinkle star, Round round baby too.



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