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MYC Trial Class

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Informations overloaded day. We didn’t have any intention to sign him up with any music schools, well, not at this moment. So I didn’t do any research on music classes for young children at all!

Well, at least I learn something today. Any age before 3 are more like appreciation classes, to start with music rhythm then slowly move on to another level where they start learning notes and keyboards. They need to be at least 3yo to start learning notes, okay, that’s for MYC’s program.

Not that they are not good, I believe they are. But the reasons I’m not signing up are because I cannot promise I can attend every lesson, for 4 years continuously! Yes, it is a parent sit in lesson until they are around 6-7yo. That’s MYC’s program, very different from ordinary music classes where most parents don’t know what is going on. The fee structure is reasonable, plenty of parent involvement as there are a lot of home practices ! Ha, by the end of the program, I believe most parents can compose a song too !







Look who was with us ? It’s pretty Belle !


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