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DIY Worksheets

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These are easy DIY worksheets done by me and yes, I don’t mind sharing. Simply received too many emails asking for the same thing. Here I am, posting our latest worksheets. These are more difficult compare to those I did last month because I am teaching Asher to recognize wordings, I know, it is not necessary for him to know, but he is sick of matching the same things and he even started behaving like a teacher, purposely match the wrong one and said,” noooooo.” with his head shaking.

Learning to write his name. Asher recognizes his name about 6 months ago. It is never too early to learn how to write his name and he even tell me A S H E R – Asher. A for apple, S for star, H for hat, E for elephant, R for raining

Asher starts counting last week, I decided to make use of the stamps I bought for him. Love it !


Asher’s favourite! Now he can tell me our daily weather without mistake. I made it lively by adding smiley and sad faces. These 5 words are easier to teach than the rest. He can read them without mistake too.

Asher has no problem matching colours and shapes so I thought I can teach him the wordings. He did’t pick them up as fast as weather and after a while, he got mixed up and started to ignore the words, he could point at each colour and name them, over and over again, like a teacher teaching students. So, I decided to play cheat a bit by giving hints next to the words, not sure if I’m doing the right things. But I know he is happy because he is able to match them correctly.



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