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Media Tour – SmartKids Asia

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Yes ! I attended the Media Tour, exclusive for blogger mommies.

This is probably the only fair that we are waiting for! No, I don’t go to any mother fair or baby fair because my son is no longer a baby who needs sterilizer, ermm, who is sterilizing after 6mo ? LoL !!

We are all looking for enrichment classes for our children and this fair, has about 150 booths! Of course not all 150 booths are about education, but trust me, they have all you need. I remember mommy Jacq was asking around about enrichment classes for children and not many people sharing with her, that’s because we don’t really know a lot too. Going to the fair and walk around the education section and you will be “information overloaded” like me. I can’t even think probably after my 4th stopped at My Little Genius ! Haha. Do not miss any chance if there is free previews or trial classes at half price, this is the time to sign up the classes at discounted rate.

Oh ya, there are about 4-5 chiropractic booths at the Health Section. And which children fair doesn’t have MiLo?


Check out this booth !



Shows and mascots !!!


And many many other booth !!!






After the media tour, we received some gifts from the exhibitor ! May, from Little Me gave us full size products and these smell heaven!! I swear I will buy the lotion and massage oil for preggy mothers if I get pregnant !! I’ll be writing review on these newly launch products from UK, after we come back from holiday. I purposely choose the sensitive range which contains aloe vera, i believe they are good for sun burnt skin and cold rash, asher developed cold rash after our winter holiday in Japan, I’m going let asher use these during our stay in Shanghai end of this month. Again, Thank You, May for the lotion, bath foam and hair shampoo!




Hey people, please zoom to Singapore Expo now as today is the last day !!!


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