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This is the way I brush my teeth

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I am a relax relax type, or rather lazy when Asher was much younger. I bought toothbrush for Asher but only started using it when he was 18mo, yes, I am serious! Before that, I didn’t even bother to use, because Asher simply refused to open his mouth for me to clean, okay, he needed 18months of assurance to actually trust his mom, haha, other than the feeding spoon and teat (from the bottle, of course!) he didn’t allow anything to be put into his mouth! Good and bad, he didn’t give us any problem like putting small particles into his mouth too.

So one fine day, he allowed me to use tissue paper to clear his milk stain and then we used toothbrush. still, it was more like playing.

4 months later, he was 22 mo, I bought him oral B toothbrush, yah, he has total of 16 teeth (now also!) and we brush his teeth for him using a “real toothbrush”. As I was working, I leave the job to my mother, okay, what do you expect? Of course there were time she didn’t brush his teeth. Oh well, who can I blame? I officially took over the role after I stopped working, which was in Feb. I brush his teeth daily, day and night without fail.

Now in March, I’m so confident that I can leave him alone brushing his teeth while I brush mine ! See the videos :

Part 1, sorry for the incomplete video as my phone memory was full and auto stopped recording! He did brush the lower teeth, then his upper teeth.

Part 2, brush the front teeth and tongue.

Proud of you my dear son! 长大了!


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