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Toilet Training



Updates on 170312 – i reached home by 5pm and I could see asher’s butt bouncing in his pants, yes ! He was not wearing diaper and popo said he requested it to be removed since morning and zero accident !! But he wet his pants x2 before bed because he was so into playing with his cousins and refused to go toilet. Boo ! I put him on diaper again because he just simply refuses to tell me when he has the urge. 100 % successful rate for morning pee and afternoon nap pee. 100% successful rate whenever I walk him to toilet every 45-60mins. His diaper stays dry for 4-5hrs if I bring him to toilet diligently. Now I have a new problem : we are going holiday next thursday and the public toilets confirm cannot make it. My plan? Continue wearing diaper pants until we are back next month. 😛

Updates on 060312 – Since last week, Asher pee in the toilet after afternoon nap too. Since last Sunday, Asher pee in the toilet whenever we ask him to, successful rate 80%. Till now, he still refuses to tell me when he wants to pee. Jiayou !!!

240212 – Read so many articles and asked for guidance from my sister, who told me not to rush until he is ready. Yes, peers pressure urge me to toilet train my coming to 29 mo as I thought, if he is trained diligently, he should be able to do his business in the toilet before he turns 3.

He doesn’t tell us but he shows sign when he wants to open his bowel, like hiding under the table. He doesn’t allow anyone to go near and when he is done, he comes to me. Sometimes he tells me after he has pooed, “mommy, Asher makes 臭臭”.

As for passing urine, he refuses to do it in the urinal I bought for him, he will only stand in front and do this : shh shh, ok done. Yes, without urine ! Whenever I asked him if he wants to pass urine, he says no, if I bring him to toilet, he will monkey instead of listen to my instruction.

For the past 1 week, I’ve been trying to train him to pee in the toilet, successful rate is 98% but it only happens for morning pee.

So, is he ready? Or not?


7 thoughts on “Toilet Training

  1. Wat u r doing now is part of toilet training and all these will contribute to the day when he finally can be free of diapers, at least for the day. U r doing a good job just continue. Dont have to worry abt peer pressure.

    Can he tell u he wants to pee pee or poo poo? Can be before or after the act. I find that only after warren can tell me then it is easier to move onto not using any diaper. U can try the training pants too, but it doesnt work for warren.

  2. Thanks hazel ! He tells me after he pooed, not before.

    When his starts to hide, I will bring him to toilet but he says no no no no no and hide more.

    Pee – no, not at all. Not before or after. So now I make him aware of the diaper. I’ll ask him, is your diaper full? But not sure am I suppose to do that?

  3. Thanks famela. I’m not that extreme. I’m still waiting for the “readiness” sign.

    This morning he woke up and when I brought him to toilet, he shh for v long but nothing comes out. Then I asked if he had pee in his diaper, he said yes. LoL. But at least he knows after bedtime, mommy will bring to toilet.

    After showering, he pee near the door of the toilet, still inside the toilet, he quickly use the water to clean the area ( spray) then when I asked him why did he pee at the entrance of the toilet, he said he wants to pee there then I corrected him by telling him to per in his urinal and he nodded.

    I think we are not far from the “readiness” 😀

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I never thought that u were going to extremes at all 🙂

    I think Asher is almost there too. Very soon! He’s a very intelligent boy 🙂 With every little ‘mistake’ (like peeing near e door) and with your gentle guiding, he is learning.

    I used to use e phrase potty/toilet ‘training’ too. But e more I reflected on it, the more I realise tt our kids are smart enough to ‘learn’ to go to e toilet. With our help, of course. But they don’t need to be ‘trained’.

    Just 1 different word but implications are huge: When they ‘learn’, the responsibility is on them and they own e success. When they are ‘trained’ (to pee at specific times instd of listening to their own bodily cues for example), we stop their natural learning process and they rely on US instead of fully owning the success.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with ‘training’ kids like this. The outcome will be e same: kids WILL eventually go to e toilet themselves and lose their diapers (we’ve never heard of a kid going to university wearing diapers have we?). This method of ‘training’ may, however, prolong the whole journey (cos how can they truly learn to tune in to their own bodily functions when they’re regularly brought to e toilet and told to pee even when there’s no urge to?) and make it less pleasant for all parties involved..

    Just sthg I’ve been thinking abt for e last 4+ years n from my own observations & experiences with my kids. I really hope I don’t sound patronizing because that is not my intention at all! 🙄 Really sincerely just sharing my thoughts which I hope would help you n Asher enjoy e whole journey more.

    One different word but a whole paradigm shift. 🙂

    I really look forward to reading more abt Asher’s experiences with potty learning 😀

    All e best, guys!

  5. can try to “hide” in the toilet. put him on his potty and then close the door and let him know he has all the privacy there. 🙂

  6. Haha yes yes ! Will try that nat !

    Famela, don’t worry !! I’m fine 😛 I tried again just now after his nap and yes !! He pee again in the toilet 😛 so happy !!

    I somehow glad that I didn’t “train” him early, or else, I would be bald by now.

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