She is a Blo-ga-a-ho-lic

Just a HDB budget Tai Tai who wants to live her life to the fullest

Up! Up! Up! – executed !

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19th March : We missed it twice (in 4 years) and we made it right now! There is no such thing as “don’t have to sell if you’re not in need of $” because the market pulse is so unpredictable ! We are happy and contented with xxx% profit and can’t wait to see xxk by this week!

16th Feb : With more than xxx% profit. I’m happier than anything today !!! 😀 我会好好把握机会!不让它溜走!

8th Feb : We couldn’t believe we “missed the boat”again last year and now, finally the market is picking up. Look at the time I check the prices daily, I just wish to wake up feeling happy like these days. Of course, who will be happy if you suddenly “lose” 40-50k? I’m praying hard and hope our wish will be granted.


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