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Asher’s 1st trip to Shanghai

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Asher will be checking-in his 10th countries – China, just before he officially turns 2.5yo on 030412 ! Yes, he has been to more than 10 cities at such tender age, many people have been telling me how lucky he is but popo said he probably doesn’t remember anything. Hah! It’s all because his parents, ahem, I mean Ben and I love traveling. After our first holiday to Perth in 2003, yes ! First flight in our lives! We got addicted to it, not the flight but the holiday, we find that traveling is an essential to us, the Chinese says,” 郊游可以增广见闻,增广我们的视野” and yes, we learnt a lot of things from others so we make it a point that we must travel at least once a year. Now that we have our child, of course he has to tag along right? I know, long haul flight is really unfair and torturing for a toddler, imagine the radiation and all. Sigh, okay, we don’t fly more than 2 times, okay? I mean, we will try. 😛 I really want to bring Asher to Disney World at Orlando and visit our friends at Vancouver and USA.

So this Shanghai trip is Ben’s 4th, my 2nd and Asher’s first visit. I barely remember how to move around but I know taxis are everywhere and they are not expensive. I do hope we meet some good one. Hmm, it is quite likely that we will give the maglev train a miss, how I wish Asher can experience it, oh my train lover. It is not so convenient to take the maglev from pudong airport. The queue is horrible because the prc will stick their chest to your back, and when you try to “Siam” a bit, you lose your turn !

Anyway, let’s hope our first China Family Holiday will be a good one. Here I did a little research on where to bring Asher to and where to enjoy some highly recommended shanghai cuisine.






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