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It’s my 39th day @ home…

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Today is the 39th day I officially stay at home ! Huh?! Only 39 days including today, too many things happened and Asher is growing up faster than I thought.

I’m glad, extremely happy that I decided to look after him all by myself. I’m the first one who witness all his milestones. No other words can describe my joy and happiness when he sings his first song to me, when he speaks his long and complete sentences, when he surprises me every morning with anything, when he walks into the toilet and peed in the urinal…

Yes! Finally ! At one point I almost wanted to sell these urinals away ( I have 2 ) because he refused to use them. There were few occasions I brought him to public toilet and oh boy, he just made the shhh shhh shhh sound and told me no wee wee. Actually I knew it the moment he shhh because this boy doesn’t need this embarrassing shhh shhh sound to pee. Good for us. Haha.

I cook for him (almost daily) and I try my very best to give him only healthy food. No, I don’t stop him from eating outside food, it is unavoidable but at home, healthy food. When I say healthy doesn’t mean no salt no oil no sugar. Asher drinks soup daily and we put little salt, otherwise it will taste really blend that even I myself don’t like it. But other than soup, the ingredients to prepare children food have natural sweetness, eg. Carrot, pumpkin, salmon… Maybe it is just me, I don’t introduce canned, frozen and food with lots of preservative. That’s why you never see hotdog, frozen corn/pea/carrot, fish ball, fish cake, luncheon meat, nuggets, frozen patties, baked bean, button mushroom in asher’s plate. My unhealthy home-cook meals are probably those with tofu & toppings like chicken floss, seaweed. Received lots of emails asking me to make bento, so sorry folks, I don’t like to play with food and wasting food is definitely a big no-no! When you see pretty bento, with beautiful cutout carrots, where are those leftover? what do you think? Some may just stir fry it with other stuff or throw into the stew but I do know a few of them who throw the rest into the bin. Moreover, I don’t need to impress my toddler to finish his meals, never once so why do I bother to beautify them before he eats them? Haha, I’m glad my “Japanese look-like” husband is not a Japanese because making bento is something that the Japanese love to make and proud of making it.


Okay la, how can my life be so wonderful at home, right? Ben gives me everything I want. So far, I’m still sane as I get to do what I want so that I don’t feel like I’m a 黄脸婆.


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