She is a Blo-ga-a-ho-lic

Just a HDB budget Tai Tai who wants to live her life to the fullest

Asher is 29m3wk old

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– 14.6kg, 94cm?
Motor Skill/Fine Motor Skill
– walk and run steadily
– walk up and down the stairs independently without rail support since 1.5yo
– jump up with both feet off the ground
– throw and kick a ball
– able to sit still for more than 60min during learning together lesson @ home – solves 4-5yo level mazes quite skillfully
– Can construct simple towers with building blocks & lego
– draw vertical and horizontal straight lines and do tracing for number (1-20), letters (A-Z) & name
– remove shoes, socks, shorts and pants
– put on shoes and certain types of clothing (shorts and pants) independently
– brushes teeth independently
– uses training chopsticks to pick up objects

Cognitive/Language Development
– speak sentences
– answer simple questions
– remember names of family members, teachers and dog
– sing songs with clear lyrics
– asks WHY
– uses pronouns (I, you, me…)
– use preposition (over, in, behind…)
– speaks clearly most of the time
– expresses emotion, eg. Tired
– uses description (high, big, small, heavy…)

– recite the beginning letter of words from A to Z A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat
– recognize and recite number 1 to 20, starts recite 20-30
– count up to 20 objects
– understand opposites (tall and short, hot and cold, loud and soft, heavy and light)
– recognize colours
– recognize shapes
– read weathers ( sunny, windy, cloudy, stormy) and able to tell me the weather everyday
– names action ( pinching, sleeping, eating, jumping, pushing )
– recognize most common transportation modes
– recognize most common fruits and vegetables
– recites weekdays (Sunday – Saturday)
– recites 4 seasons of the years
– recites months of the year ( only March, May, June, July, August )
– recognize upper & lower case alphabets
– remember 10 linking flash cards

Other development
– feeding – no problem but not willing to self feed
– toilet trained during the day time


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