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Take Care of Everything?

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updated on 270212 :
Ben’s last promotion was in 2009, I almost forgot that the promotion came without a pay raise as he economy was not good. If I was not wrong, pay freeze for the following year too. Yes, his pay increase yearly but that time, it was not a good time.

Today someone mentioned about recovery and you know what, good thing only happen to those who work hard and willing to wait. 😀 hooray, there will be more good news coming after we come back from shanghai ! No, it’s not going to be just 10%. *wink wink*

It was just another advertisement flyer that Ben brought it back to office as it was placed on his car windscreen. S walked pass his room and saw it on his table.

” Hey, you getting a condo? ”
” You mean this one? No, how can I afford it? ” (chuckles)
” Don’t worry, you can. ”
” … ” (are you sure?)
” I’ll take care of everything, you can definitely afford one soon. ” (full of confident)

When Ben told me this, We both laughed out loud. 😀 of course I hope what we heard is true. We are consider really lucky to have a good and understanding boss that appreciates his work (guess who got promoted. *grins*)

Our marvelous March is ending soon and we are so looking forward to Amazing April !


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