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Suddenly … Fever


Was testing out the new thermo scan before I put in into our luggage and to my surprise, the thermo scan kept beeping. It indicated he is running fever and being paranoid mom, I took another thermometer and checked again via axilla. After a few seconds, it is confirmed that he is having high fever.
Arrived at PD’s clinic in the evening and being the second family to arrive, we got to see doctor 10 minutes after registration.
the “standard instructions” given before leaving the consultation room. We were told to find out clinics and hospitals near our hotel in Shanghai. You know, just in case…
– for fever medicine, give every 4 hours.
– give brufen (if temp >;38.5 deg cel)
– brufen and dhamol to be given 3 hours interval
– fever should be below 38 deg cel by 300312
– methisoprinol, anti viral, for 3 days
– motilium, prior food to prevent vomiting
– ketotifen, give 3.5mls daily
– singulair, to be diluted in 1/2 tablespoon of milk
– ranitidine , the purple one for runny nose

From 280312,
– cough may start and if night cough with phlegm, give bambec
– if cough with phlegm ++, tale neulin, possible starts on 290312

And for all these, we paid $162.



2 thoughts on “Suddenly … Fever

  1. oh dear. 😦 will pray that he recovers soon.

  2. Thanks. 🙂 just did online check in. Hopefully he is well by Thursday

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