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Hello from Shanghai ! here I am blogging about our vacation. Actually, it is more like staycation because Ben is here to work and we are just tagging along. Whatever, so long I am away, I am on vacation. hahaha. Enjoy browsing, photos more than words. At T3 at 6am !



Our very early breakfast at T3 Sandwich bar. We shared the sandwich, the ice chocolate was mine and cappuccino for Ben.

In the flight, Asher was so excited !

Woohoo, the flight was smooth because Asher was slept for 3.5 hours right after it took off! No, I didn’t dupe him! LOL !!


And Ben bought me this…

Ben and I had our brekky undisturbed. Food was okay, we tried their breakfast meal before.


We even ordered cocktails

Singapore Sling and Alspiritizer

Then after 3.5 hours  of powerful nap, asher woke up to take his breakfast.


Then watched Madagascar 2 !



That’s our Singapore Girl, she is so gentle and nice.

At 1305hrs, we arrived SHA safely.


8 thoughts on “From SIN-SHA

  1. woah!!!
    i’m staying tune for your update!!
    i’m still considering to get the trunki.. haa

  2. I wish I didn’t bring. 😦

  3. hmmm… we always appreciate our Trunki

  4. we have a pram, 2 luggages, 1 running toddler, 1 trunki, 1 sling bag. thanks to ben’s colleagues, they helped us with the luggages. I cannot imagine how are we going to take maglev. 😦 gonna give it a miss. :(((((

  5. hey Di, based on your travels with Asher, which pram is suitable to lug overseas?

  6. CL, I think a light simple stroller is good enough. Like maclaren light pram range. The only down side is cannot recline. If you bring those really light and able to recline, that’s the best because they can rest nicely in the pram.

    For Japan trip, I bought a cheap stuff, $50 below, can recline too but pay peanuts, get monkey. You know the road in the temple, with all pebbles, after Meiji jingu trip, the pram was in bad shape that we almost wanted to leave it in jpn.

    For the Europe tour, lots of walking, lots of opening and keeping the pram and carrying it up and down the slope, stairs, bus. We brought the maclaren day tripper, no more in market, similar to volo but not so small. After all the uneven road, rocks and whatever, yes, sg road is the best so far, this type of pram is highly recommended by me.

    Of course we brought the same to shanghai, during peak hour, I just fold the pram in 2 seconds and go into the passenger seat together with me, yes, it is small enough to squeeze into the front, no need to open boot. As Asher grows older, I don’t really mind if he ” sleeps well” as the most he will sleep for 2 hours, otherwise, it fits just nice.

    This maclaren day tripper is the most travel pram I think, countless flight experience and travelled more than 10 countries 😛

    My friend who always travel with the buzz, SIA never fail to replace a new one for her after each trip, beyond repair ! LoL

  7. Thanks for the info! We are also considering Maclaren but saw some great reviews on Combi Well Comfort too. May need to go try both first. Currently using a Peg Perego as it is “heavyweight” enough for Hunter. But it’s so heavy that I cannot handle it alone 😛

  8. Used combi before. Light weight but bulky after folding. Personally don’t think it is worth the money because it is light , it is flimsy. After a while, elk elk elk got sound some more.

    I like peg perego pliko3 but Ben refused to buy. I’m glad I didn’t, we have too many pram and strollers.
    I used these before
    – combi
    – esprit – sold
    – maclaren day tripper
    – quinny, zapp and zapp xtra
    – cheapo brand – thrown

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