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EK – Evangel Kindergarten


Asher will only attend Apple Tree Playgroup for this year as the teacher told me from next year onwards, if I still want Asher to continue with AP, I have to send him to CCK. I don’t drive and I don’t think I can send him to school daily. That’s insane, from my place to CCK?!

So in March, I started looking for another kindy for Asher. There are only a handful of “better” Church Kindy around our estate and only 1 that is closer to our house. Yes, I prefer walking distance. Okay, I don’t really know how good is this kiddy but I know the number of applicants exceeds the available vacancies for all levels and they hold balloting session yearly. I was thinking, this was my only choice (at this moment) so I would just give it a try since the registration date was early March. They probably know the applications were going to be overwhelming hence they only open for registration for 5 days. I went on the 3rd day and when I was told the balloting date was 31st march, I informed them that we would be in Shanghai, one lady was telling me I had to give up my seat if I was absent on the balloting day, another lady was helpful enough to hand me all the documents to sign and told me I could get a family member to come on my behalf.

How lucky we are, on 31st March, I received a message from my sister that Asher got a place for next year Pre-Nursery class. 😀


Evangelical Free Church, it was demolished and rebuilt last year, started fuctioning since early this year. The premises are very clean, new and bright.


The kindergarten is located at Level 2


Walk out from the lift and these are the classes. Like the idea of having the gate to prevent children leaving the class/area without permission.


This is the pre-nursery classroom


1 teacher and 1 assistant teacher for pre-nursery class


Total of 12 students ( at this moment) , ratio is 1:6


The Children Toilet


Asher was exploring


Showering Area for Children


Cute, everything in mini version


Classrooms for K1 & K2 Students



Dismissal Area for the children at Level 1



I like the school and the environment, I hope Asher enjoys his new school and makes new friends in EK.


9 thoughts on “EK – Evangel Kindergarten

  1. Great choice ! Looks so spacious 🙂 And saw quite alot of gd reviews on Kiasu Parents previously when I m searching a Kindy for Favian 🙂

  2. Thanks for your assurance. What good for others might not be the same to Asher. That’s what I learnt about “reviews”, I hope he enjoys EK. 😀

  3. my goodness!
    balloting needed for kindy??!!
    but lucky Asher got a place!

  4. I was shocked to know too then friends were saying even PAP has balloting system.

    must thank my sister for going there on my behalf and my MIL.

  5. Hello. Year2013 pre nursery how many hours a day?

  6. Sorry, I’m not sure about Pre nursery.

  7. Hi, I’m planning to register my son in Evangel next year. Chanced upon your blog. Was it good? You moved your son away from Evangel after one year there? if it’s not hope you can let me know 🙂

  8. EK is a good school. I would continue if we did not move to the west.

  9. Thanks!

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