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Collagen Beauty AFC

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Not so serious yet but I am almost there! 😦
I can’t believe it! I have started taking supplements to make myself, actually is for my skin to look better, firmer, fairer, supple! All along I have the mentality that popping pills are only for the unwell. But now, just 1.5 months to my big 3, I can’t help but started to take these. 😦

I used to rely on products, to apply them on skin but looking into the mirror, I am really not satisfied with my skin condition. My first thought is to go for laser, but I don’t know which one to go to. IPL is too expensive (my guess) but I’ll definitely look around. Facial with instruments help (saw my friend’s face) but it is going to cost me 2-3 bombs!

Hate the super bright light at Watson and hate those mirror, I can’t help but walked to the shelf and grabbed this. Around $50 for 40-90days supply, I’m going to give it a try while sourcing a good dermatologist. Maybe I should just visit one in KKH? I can reimburse my consult fees. 🙂


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