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Going Diaperless … Soon !

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Updates on 120412 – everything was almost perfect before we went shanghai. He used only 1 diaper in a day, he didn’t wet it but soiled with poo. Yes, still refused to poo in toilet weeks ago and not ready to tell us when he wanted to pee, I brought him to toilet every 1-2 hrly. Night time, still using diaper as he slept through the night, and so am I. Haha. In shanghai, while we were in hotel room, I let him wore pants only, only once he told me he wanted to poo. For the last 4 days, we were out most of the time and you know the rest of the story. We came back to Singapore and started all over again. Finally, things got better after a week and Asher is diaperless during the day time again. 😀 the best part is, Asher starts to tell me when he wants to pee! Yippie !! As for poo poo, mommy has to catch his cue !

260312 – For the past few days, Asher has been going to the toilet with my assistance so there is almost zero incident! Now he uses only 1 diaper during the day and 1 during the night. If we don’t go out, he will not wet his diaper because we go toilet every 1-2 hours.

I kiasi, still insist on putting on drypantz as I don’t want to trouble our helper so much, she already has lots of houseworks to do.

On Sunday, he emptied his bladder around 9am and we were out to CCK Columbarium. By 1pm, I realized Asher’s drypantz was dry and I panicked ! I was shocked to know that this boy could hold his bladder for 4-5 hours! I told him it is okay to wet his diaper as I didn’t want him to hold his bladder for too long. He told me he couldn’t pee but after persuasion, he finally peed at 130pm. Came home around 2pm and he wanted his nap and refused to clear his bladder before bed. I was thinking: he will surely wet his diaper but that’s all right. Around 330pm, he woke up from his nap and walked to the living room. As usual, I walked him to toilet and to my surprise, his diaper is dry again! Wow, I think my little star is ready to go diaperless! But I hesitated and again, I let him wear his drypantz.

As daddy and I needed to pack our luggage, we let Asher sleepover at popo’s.

When I came over to pick Asher up to school the next day, popo told me Asher made a big fuss this morning and refused to pee in toilet. 😦 popo is not as mean as me, if I was around, I won’t let him walk out of the toilet. 😛

But that’s no big deal because what really matter : for the first time, this boy didn’t wet his diaper at night and that’s 10 hours in total !

I’ll observe for few more days. Haha, but I’m quite sure that the kiasi mommy will still pack 18 pcs of diapers for 6 days getaway (3 pcs/day).



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