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Diaper Sales, Anyone?

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Less than a month ago, I chanced upon my friend’s FB page and saw these nice cloth diapers. I was toying the idea to get them from Amazon.

Then I received this ads in my mail. I almost rushed to CS to get them.

Today, 15th of April 2012, Asher is 2 years, 6 months, 13 days old. I’m here to announce proudly, that our son is officially weaned off day and night diapers !!!!!!! Since last week, Asher tells me whenever he wants to pee and 2 days ago, he tells me when he wants to poo and he poo in the toilet bowl ! He doesn’t want me to be in the toilet and calls for me when he is done, just like his cousin sister, Cheryl, she was like this too when she was 3yo.

Bye bye stacks of diapers in the shelf, I will still keep some, just in case, see, the kiasi in me 😛 haha… Luckily I’m not those who love to buy diapers in bulk, I have max of 1.5packs in the shelf only. what? Hands down to my 1.5yo nephew? He weaned off weeks earlier than Asher !


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