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Buffet Town @ Raffles City

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We wanted to go Royal China at Raffles Hotel, after parking, we went up to the restaurant and realized the entire place was booked for some private function. We left with disappointment and I kept blaming myself for not calling to make reservation! If I did, we won’t come all the way here.

Along the way, we passed by many restaurant but this caught my attention. Salmon Theme ! This was the reason I joined the Q.
Frankly speaking, for the amount we paid for buffet, I can’t complain much about the food quality, but ! I must comment that oysters were fresh and crayfish was not that bad. Chilli crab was way too spicy and wagyu beef was like rubber. Sushi were disaster and the sashimi – anyhow cut. One thing in common – everyone’s face was black like charcoal ! No greetings, from the cashiers, managers to the chefs !! Can you believe that?!
The desserts were not that bad but the choices … Pathetic! Already so little choices, not tasty some more. Damn sian. From the pictures below, yam, coffee gelato and crepe were nice but I won’t pay $100 for 2 pax to come here for your orni 😦
Ben took the ice cream pop but he didn’t finish it. His facial expression tells you everything huh… So, will we come back? Not likely. Not until they change all their waitresses and waiters as I really think they affect my mood and my meal. If there is a tipping culture, will things change?


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