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Do Your Part ! -WWF

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Ben always tell me, do your part and don’t forget to “give” to our society, to the needy and save our planet, in whatever way we can.

Okay, except having a car. We should go green! This is partly the reason why Ben chooses to park his car at MSCP and take train to work daily. The main reason he avoid driving is because he wants to do more reading.

Stop eating shark/fin. Influenced by Ben, I stop eating shark fin years ago, well, not that we are so wealthy to eat this often but we try not to touch it.

Aircon! Those who know us know that we hardly turn on the Aircon, even if we do, we set it at 27 deg cel. Crazy? Might as well don’t turn it on? So now you know how hot we can tahan huh? LoL!

Seafood. Buy only buy what you can eat and buy only seafood that are sustainable. For more info, please go to WWF website to know what types of seafood to eat/buy.

Recycle, save paper, switch off and buy Energy Efficient appliances…these are all in our daily lives and together, we make a different.

Today, we receive a Thank You card from WWF. Ben signed up the direct debit donation programme months ago and he told me, it’s just $48/month, it is less than $2 a day. What is $2 to you?

Don’t hesitate, do your part now.

From WWF website :
The Direct Debit Donation Programme is a donation programme that will allow members of the public to donate to WWF Singapore on a monthly, 6-monthly or annual basis. Monthly donations start at S$38 per month (only $1.25 per day) and this amount will go a long way towards our conservation and public education efforts.

We have engaged APPCO, a reputable international marketing company which sends small teams of trained fundraisers known as “WWF Appointed Representatives” to promote the WWF Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP) at pre-approved venues in Singapore.

Read more about the Direct Debit Donation Programme.


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