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Left & Right

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I was wondering when to teach left and right ? Asher starts learning these 2 words from daddy and he instructs daddy to turn left and right in the car, of course, most of the time, we don’t listen to him but we do correct him when he gets confuse.

Last Friday, teacher Helen gave out a left & right worksheet for the kids. I got a little panicked actually because I didn’t really teach him left and right and I didn’t know if he understand my instructions. He did quite well at last.

Today I told daddy about it and we decided to teach him verbally. I’ll try to print out some worksheets for him. 🙂 please don’t follow what we did, just found out we are suppose to teach only “right” or “left” at a time 😛 okay, since he is left handed, I will start with “left”

Asher @ 30mo


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