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May Gelish – Magneto Electric Metal Lover


Impressive effect from the magnetic cap ! 20120507-004230.jpg
This is the one! Not the bottle but the cap, I went wow wow wow like mountain tortoise !
Check it out yourself !

Mom had her mails done as well 🙂
And she was happy with the Colour, my manicurist even added glittery gel for her, foc ! This is Elegant Wish.
You think only the girls got to pamper ourselves? Look whose nails got nicely trimmed? LoL !
Aunty Juliana too had her first gelish done and it was High Bridge, not bad, very girly !



3 thoughts on “May Gelish – Magneto Electric Metal Lover

  1. Hi,

    Can I know where u got ur nails done? The place ambience looks good.

  2. It’s at FEP, personally do not recommend because you won’t receive good service, the manicurists are not pro, from china, Vietnam, Msia. Each time I go- different people serve me.

  3. Ok. Thanks!

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