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Learning to Use Scissor

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If my memory doesn’t fail me, teachers from GLH introduce scissor to Asher somewhere in Feb. They showed him once or twice, he had little interest, attempted to cut a few times, held the scissor up side down, refused to hold the paper as he used both hand to cut, held the scissor facing upward, instead of cutting the paper, he wanted me to put the paper into the mouth of scissor so he just needed to do the “close” action. Whatever funny ways you can try to picture.

Of course I tried to teach him at home too, but the coordination and his little muscles on his hand are not working very well together. The “wait a while” campaign started again. LoL !! I decided to move on with more gross motor skills and fine motor skills practices at home. Ahhh, you know why we do “fishing” “scooping” every Thursday. He can control his wrists and shoulders better now. “squeezing” the ducks and fishes to “shoot” the water onto each other faces – strengthen muscles on his hands.

Besides that, I let him observe how I do the cutting. Asher loves to glue and he wants me to cut the pictures out, I do it almost daily. Yesterday, Asher told me he wanted to cut ! I gave him a few pieces of paper and he started cutting them.

Tips & Warnings I got from ehow

Be sure to purchase scissors that seem rounded on the inside and are thus appropriate for both left and right handed preschoolers. Children can wait until first grade to finally decide what their dominate hand will be.

Using old magazines will not leave marks on your preschooler like newspaper does.

Allow your preschooler to develop scissor skills at their own pace. Be sure not to criticize them for hold the scissor wrong. Just gently model the correct way and every once and a while help them to hold the scissors correctly.

Teaching your preschooler how to use scissors will also help them continue to develop their sense of autonomy and the feeling of “I can do it.”

Scissors should not be used unsupervised. This can be hazardous to your preschooler or to household items.


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