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This is So Unlike me!


I left the school with really bad feeling inside.

I didn’t talk much, This is So Unlike me, I would talk or ask Asher, about anything.

Reached home. Put him on the chair and removed his shoes. This is So Unlike me, I usually told him to remove his shoes and changed him into home clothes.

Prepared lunch on breakfast table. Told him nicely to sit near me. This is So Unlike me, I usually talked to him with firm and stern voice. He sat near me throughout, he would just run away half way like any other day but he didn’t.

After lunch, I asked him if he wanted to go playground. This is So Unlike me, playground is always after napping. He wanted to bring 3 toy cars along but I told him nicely no cars allowed, he used to show unhappiness like raising his voice but he didn’t. He put them down and wore his shoes. Off we went playground.

At playground, I played with him and climbed all the way up. This is So Unlike me, I don’t do that all the time.

Left playground after 10 minutes because he told me he wanted to poo. We walked back and I showered him. He was good in shower room, he always wanted to play the bath toy and refused to come out but today, he was good.

After showering, I let him play in the living room till he told me the monster was coming, that lead him to the room without much coaxing. Rolling, singing, counting and talking on the bed for more than 30mins, I didn’t raise my voice, I didn’t threaten him or scared him with the sleeping monster, This is So Unlike me!!!! I kept quiet all the while and just put my arms across his body. Suddenly, he said,”I love you, baby. Mommy don’t get angry.” and 5 mins later, he closed his eyes and slept.

I have learnt to stay calm and control my emotions, especially in front of children, because they are fast learner, no matter how “slow” they are.


3 thoughts on “This is So Unlike me!

  1. He is such a sweet boy ! I think I should learn from you too , to control my emotions. I had been too firm to Fav he been getting rebellious. -_-“

  2. It’s not easy. I do scream and feel frustrated at time but must control, especially when we are outside.

    Saw your post about parenting issues, it hard for others to interfere our way of coaching. Just have to learn to ignore them sometimes, to prevent getting into a fight.:)

  3. Thanks dear. Ya agree so choose to go to my comfort zone & ventilate to prevent anger from accumulating. Need to learn the art of anger management 🙂

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