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Our 31mo Asher



– starts to be very sensitive
– gets emotional easily
– cries and whines more
– tells us he doesn’t want to share
– does thing incorrectly on purpose
– loss interest in colouring
– tells me he doesn’t like his friends
– tells me he wants them to cry
– tells me he wants the caterpillars to fall down
– disturbs his classmates
– pushes his friends
– destroy or pour water away so no one can play
– can tell what can be done and what not but insisted to do things his way
– tells us he doesn’t like his cousin
– is seeking attention from EVERYONE, be it +ve or -ve
– keep telling me “I love you baby”
– tells me “don’t get angry”

Besides that, there is one parent accusing Asher teaches her girl “bad word”. I have yet to find out what “bad word” is that. I have never feel this way, I’m so reluctant to send him to school every morning and my heart pumps faster as I walk to school to pick him up everyday.

This is probably the lowest point … And I seriously hope this is just a phase.


2 thoughts on “Our 31mo Asher

  1. Hugs dear 🙂 You know I go through a long way with Favian too , he slaps his grandparents, pushes other kids, doesn’t like learning ABCs or 123s, shout his lungs out at home / outside when he is unhappy ,scold “stupid” now .. I think its a phase, and we can help them thru. I change my focus to character building for him now. You are a SAHM more time for Asher I believe you can do a better job than me 🙂 Jiayou dear !

  2. Oh my, looks like I’m not the only facing this. *hug*

    Jac, I think I know what happened, he is under stressed. I read it on some parenting page. Same problems.

    Your 31-month-old: Preschooler stress

    Your 2-year-old now

    Most of the time, your preschooler is probably a happy kid. But did you know that very young children can get stressed out, too? Common stressors for preschoolers include having too many planned activities, the lack of a stable routine, feeling sick, a move, a separation from a beloved caregiver, or the arrival of a new sibling. Some signs a child is feeling pushed or stressed:

    She suddenly seems withdrawn and disinterested in things.
    There’s a change in her personality, especially from sunny to sullen or angry.
    She resists when it’s time to go play.
    She insists she wants to “go home” when you’ve just arrived at a new place.
    Her toilet-training progress seems to regress (daytime accidents after several weeks or months without any, for example).

    Give your child extra TLC during stressful times. Reassess what’s going on in her life and see if you can put more security and stability back into it. For example, if you think the problem might be too much activity (and all the related rushing and nagging), scale back your plans.

    Your life now

    Here’s a way to break a behavior you don’t like, whether it’s playing with food, whining, or screaming: Look the other way. Child development experts call this “ignoring to extinction.” Sometimes it’s your lively annoyed reaction that a child is really after when she misbehaves in a way she knows you don’t like. If you try this strategy, beware: You might first get a so-called “extinction burst,” where the behavior escalates for while. That happens because your child is working all the harder to see if she can get a rise out of you. Keep on ignoring and the behavior is likely to go the way of the dinosaur.

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