She is a Blo-ga-a-ho-lic

Just a HDB budget Tai Tai who wants to live her life to the fullest

Art & Craft @ Home


Brush painting & Finger painting

Organized & Glued by himself

Hand printing with mommy’s help


I like this 🙂


4 thoughts on “Art & Craft @ Home

  1. this is very cute indeed.

  2. Hi Diana,

    Samantha recommended me your blog and I browsed into this entry. It is very fun indeed and i did it with my daughter last Sunday.
    Thank you very much for sharing.


  3. Oh, Samantha ! Yes I know her :))

    Happy browsing ! Thanks for coming to my humble blog, nothing much though, just some bits and pieces of my life.

    Glad you have fun with your girl 🙂 there are so many things we can do with children at home with just paint and paper.

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